Sunday, 11 August 2013

London Transport Posters - part 2

The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden Piazza, London, is celebrating poster design for London Underground with an exhibition showcasing 150 of “London’s Underground’s Greatest Designs”. The posters were selected from the Museum’s archive of over 3,300 Underground posters. The exhibition opened in February and runs until 27 October 2013

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on London Transport posters:

1928 Unknown
Molesey Regatta

1929 Frederick Manner
No Wet - No Cold

1930 Alan Rogers

1930 Edward Knight Kauffer
Play Between 6 and 12

1930 Harold McCready
London's Tramways to Central London

1930s Andrew Power
To Hire a Bus or Coach

1932 Clive Gardiner
At London's Service

1932 Edward McKnight Kauffer
Picadilly Express Trains

1932 M.E.M. Law

1932 Margaret Calkin James
Trooping the Colour

1933 Andre Edouard Marty
Olympia Motor Show

1933 Christopher Greaves
Say it Underground with a Poster

1933 Edward McKnight Kauffer
Power, The Nerve Centre of London's Underground

1933 Ernest Michael Dinkel
Visit the Empire

1933 Robert Meldrum
Something Different at Every Turn

1934 D. M. Batty ( Car panel )

1935 O'Keefe
Design for Playgoers

1935 Tom Eckersley and Eric Lombers
The Zoo by Floodlight

1935 Zero ( Hans Schleger )
Thanks to the Underground

1936 Theyre Lee Elliot
Four Times the Number Carried

1938 Edward McKnight Kauffer
How Bravely Autumn Paints upon the Sky

1938 Man Ray
- Keeps London Going

1938 Marc Fernand Severin
The Way Home

1938 Tom Eckersley and Eric Lombers
Kennel Club Show

1938 Zero ( Hans Schleger )
What Happens to Every £1 of your Fares

1945 Lewitt-Him
Be Map Conscious

1947 Misha Black and John Barker Kraber
London Transport at London's Service

1948 Welcome to London
Olympic Games 1948

1959 Victor Galbraith
Do You Know that...

1959 Victor Galbraith
Do You Know that…

1968 Fred Millett
London After Dark

1969 Ton Eckersley
Victoria Line

1972 Hans Unger
Waterside London

1987 Nick Hardcastle
Or Take the Tube

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