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Lawson Wood – part 4

Lawson Wood was born on 23 August 1878 in Highgate, London, the son of landscape artist Pinhorn Wood, and the grandson of architectural artist L.J. Wood. He studied at the Slade School of Fine Art, Heatherley's School of Fine Art and Frank Calderon's School of Animal Painting.
Lawson Wood gained immense popularity with his humorous drawings of comic policemen, dinosaurs, prehistoric and Stone Age characters, and apes and monkeys often seen performing absurd antics against immaculate, dead-pan backgrounds. Eventually Gran'pop, the artful ginger ape and the rest of the chimpanzee family were to bring him fame on both sides of the Atlantic. The Gran'pop's Annuals were a yearly excursion into comic absurdities that were popular around the world. 

For more information on Wood see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 - 3 also.

This is part 4 of a 10-part series on the works of Lawson Wood:

1924 "Keep smiling." and life will be all bright spots.

1924 Left Luggage.

1924 I can feel this "quiet spot" is doing me a world of good.

1924 It had to be you.

1924 My wonderful one!

1924 With lots of luck.

1924 You're a dear little beggar.

1924 Your note has just reached me.

1925c Mr. Prickles
published by Frederick Warne & Co., London

1925c Mr. Pup
published by Frederick Warne & Co., London

1925c Mr. Quack
published by Frederick Warne & Co., London

1925c Mr. Trunk
published by Frederick Warne & Co., London

1925c Mrs. Cackle
published by Frederick Warne & Co., London

1926 First advances.

1926 The Scot 'Scotched'

1928 Collier's magazine ( USA )
May 12 1928

1928 The Humorist August 4th 1928
"Some Craft!"

1929 Here's a flipper for you.

c1930 Porcelain 'Penguin' figurine

1930s "It had to be you"

1930s Gran'pop Series Postcards:

"Gran-pop" chats with the oldest inhabitant.postcard

"Gran-pop" starts his Spring-Cleaning.postcard

"Gran-pop" travels à la cartepostcard

"Gran-pop" visits Loch Ness.postcard

"Gran-pop's" "Sole" catchpostcard

"He wants to make the noises for the B.B.C."postcard

"Step on it, Horace!"postcard

"Where do we go from here?"postcard

"Who's been eating my banana cuttings?"postcard


"You lucky Guy, three Income Tax exemptions!"postcard

1934 "The Lost Chord."postcard

1935 Gran'pop floodlights for his Jubilee.postcard

1935 Gran'pop Masonic postcard series Valentine & Sons Ltd:

A "Brother" in distress.postcard

Gran'pop discloses the secrets of Masonry.postcard

Gran'pop receives the sign.postcard 

Gran'pop's Lodge of Instruction.postcard

1940s Gran'pop Gibraltar postcard series:

"We're for it girls - the Fleet's arrived at Gibraltar!"postcard

1940s YOU wanted to be an R.A.F. type at Gibraltar.postcard

Air drop - "Rock ape reinforcements 1" - at Gibraltar.postcard

The Spring Cruise at Gib. - An Atomic Submarine.postcard

We do some skin diving at Gibraltar.postcard
1955 A chance for chin-wag.postcard

A "Hand off."postcard

A little bit of luck for you!
( Voila une part de bonheur pour vous! )

A little persuasion is better than force!postcard

A lover's knot.postcard

A passing shower.postcard

A wise man knows when to quit.


A wise man knows when to quit
watercolour 36.8 x 33.6 cm
published as a postcard ( see above ) by Valentine & Sons

Ain't Daddy a big noise?postcard

Another Glamour Girl.


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