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Will Bradley - Part 2

William Henry Bradley (Will Bradley) was an American Art Nouveau illustrator and artist. Nicknamed the "Dean of American Designers" by The Saturday Evening Post, he was the highest paid American artist of the early 20th century.
As an art director for William Randolph Hearst’s publications, he got to know and commissioned works from many illustrators such as Edward Penfield and Maxfield Parrish. His own illustrative style was influenced by Parrish’s. He remained an active and important member of the graphic arts world for the rest of his long life.

For more information on Bradley, and for earlier works, see Part 1 also.

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on the works of Will Bradley:

1897 The Ault & Wiborg Co.

1897 The Earth Breath and Other Poems
published by John Lane, The Bodley Head
Book Cover

1897 The International Studio
March 1897

1897 The Love Affairs of Some Famous Men
published by Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York
Book Cover

1897 The Masked Ball

1897 The Springfield Homestead
Easter Number 1897

1897 The Tales of John Oliver Hobbes
published by Frederick A. Stokes Co., New York
Book Cover

1898 The Romance of Zion Chapel by Richard Le Gallienne
 published by John Lane, The Bodley Head
Book Cover

1898 Ye Old Hampshire Bond
paper sample booklet for A. Storrs & Bement Co., Boston

1899 Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
published by Frederick A, Stokes Co., New York
Book Cover

1899 Harper's Weekly
Christmas 1899

1899 Printing
Will Bradley at The University Press, New York

1899 St. Nicholas for Young Folks
published by MacMillan & Co., Ltd., London

1899 The Inland Printer
Christmas Number, December 1899

1899 War is Kind by Stephen Crane
published by Frederick A. Stokes Company, New York
Book Cover

1899-1900 The Ault and Wilborg Company

1900 American Bicycle Company
catalogue for Exposition Universelle, Paris

1900 Collier's Weekly
Outdoor Number December 8 1900

1900 In Days to Come

1900 Poster for Collier's magazine
December 1900

1900-01 Ault & Wiborg
American Printer and Bookmaker

1900-03 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-04 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-05 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-06 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-07 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-08 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-09 Ault & Wiborg
Inland Printer

1900-11 Ault & Wiborg
American Printer

1900-12 Ault & Wiborg
American Printer
1901 Ladies' Home Journal Bradley House in Eight Pictures
by Will Bradley: No.2 The Library

1901 Ladies' Home Journal
Bradley House artwork

1902c Shards of the Silver Sword

1905 The Printer Man’s Joy, Being the Book of Chap-Book Cuts & Borders, With Sundry Goodly Types
American Type Founders Company

1906 Peter Poodle Toy Maker to the King by Will Bradley
published by Dodd, Mead & Co., New York
Book Cover

1909 Collier's magazine March 13 1909

1909 Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám by Richard Gallienne
published by John Lane Co.
Book Cover

1909 When East Comes West by Mina Deane Halsey
printed for the Author by J. J. Little & Ives Co.,
Book Cover

after 1911 Woronoco Covers
paper sample booklet for Strathmore Paper Co., MA

1913 The Echo
( Re-use of an 1895 edition illustration - see Part 1 )

1927 Launcelot & the Ladies by Will Bradley
published by Harper & Brothers
Book Jacket

1931 Pipers - 3
game by All Fair

1948c Christmas card

1954 Strathmore Luncheon Honoring Will Bradley

Chelsea Fabrics Catalogue

For Rugs visit the Blue Elephant 25 Grand St

Victor Bicycles
Overman Wheel Company


Pierrot Playhouse Program

The American Stage of Today
Book Cover

The Ault & Wiborg Company
Printing Inks 26 x 19 cm

The Echo

The Inland Printer

Uncle Walt
Book Cover

Vanity Fair Printed Cottons

Victor Bicycles
Overman Wheel Co.

Walks in New England
Book Cover

Whiting's Ledger Papers
colour lithograph

( Unknown )

( Unknown )

( Unknown )

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