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John Hassall - part 11

John Hassall (1868 – 1948) was an English illustrator, known for his advertisements and poster designs.

Hassall was born in Walmer, Kent, and was educated in Worthing, at Newton Abbot College, and at Neuenheim College, Heidelberg. After twice failing entry to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he emigrated to Manitoba in Canada in 1888 to begin farming with his brother Owen. He returned to London two years later when he had drawings accepted by the Graphic. At the suggestion of Dudley Hardy (along with Cecil Aldin, a lifelong friend), he studied art in Antwerp and Paris. During this time he was influenced by the famous poster artist Alphonse Mucha.

Arguably John Hassall's most famous creation was "The Jolly Fisherman" in 1908, which is regarded as one of the most famous holiday advertisements of all time. His 1910 design for the Kodak Girl, in her iconic striped blue and white dress, became a feature of Kodak's advertising to the 1970s. Hassall's design was continually updated to reflect changing fashions and trends and was longer lasting and of greater international significance than his Jolly Fisherman.

For more information on John Hassall, and for earlier works see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 - 10 also. 

This is part 11 of an 11-part series on the works of John Hassal.

Note: Dates not found for the remainder of the series
on John Hassall:

Newspaper Headlines. "Our Lady's Page."
Oilette postcard after a black & white drawing
by John Hassall.

On the March
colour lithograph theatre poster 76 x 51 cm

Orient-Royal Mail to Australia
colour lithograph poster 102 x 64 cm

Pears' Soap advertisement

Pontings Xmas Show
colour lithograph poster 76 x 51 cm

Puss in Boots "Puss Catches a Rabbit"

Robinson Crusoe, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Gulliver's Travels
published by Blackie & Son Ltd., London

Imperial Airways poster

Seven Dwarfs

The Daughters of Babylon by Wilson Barrett
 poster for the Lyric Theatre, London

The Girl & the Gods by Charlotte Mansfield
colour lithograph poster

The Glad Eye
"He tole me he was going up in a balloon."
 "I don't think."
ink and watercolour 27 x 21 cm

The Hartford Shock Absorbers
colour lithograph poster 76 x 51 cm

The Printseller. A Monthly Journal
poster 67 x 51 cm

The Punch and Judy Show.

The Royal Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts
 poster for the Thirty-Ninth Annual Exhibtion 51 x 31 cm

The Seven Ages of a Golfer plate VI
"The Lean Pantaloon…"
lithograph 38.2 x 22 cm

The Seven Dwarfs
watercolour on paper 52 x 75 cm

The Shop Girl
poster 69.8 x 48.3 cm

from The Sketch "An Alternative"

from The Sketch "Tickle"

The Sporting or Newmarket Girl "
A Racing Musical Comedy"
theatre poster

The Theatre
ink wash and gouache 31 x 32 cm

The Whole Town's Talking
poster 76 x 51 cm



Veritas Mantles
colour process engraving on paper

Zotos Prevents Sea-Sickness
No Tips!
"Zotos has done for me!!!"
poster 50 x 76 cm

The John Hassall Correspondence Art School:

The John Hassall Correspondence Art School
St. Albans

Be a Successful Artist

Be a Successful Artist

The John Hassall Correspondence Art School  Application For Entry Form

The John Hassall Correspondence Art School

The John Hassall Correspondence Art SchoolBooklet: The John Hassall Way

Lesson 2
Studies in Coventionalising Animal Forms

Lesson 3

Lesson 3 Sheet 4
Various Methods of rendering Textures &c.

Lesson 3 Sheet 5a
Rendering Textures.

Lesson 3 Sheet 13
Simple Pen Drawing.

Lesson 5 Sheet 6
The Human Figure.

Lesson 7 Sheet 3
Various Positions of the Arm.

 Lesson 7 Sheet 4
Arms in Various Positions.

Lesson 12
Studies in Expression.

Lesson 13 Sheet 3
Some Poster Parodies.

Lesson 13 Sheet 4.
Some Poster Parodies.

Lesson 14 Sheet 1
To Illustrate the Principles of Composition.

Lesson 15 Effects in Pen and Ink on Canvas.

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