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John Hassall - part 8

John Hassall by Strickland 1912

John Hassall (1868 – 1948) was an English illustrator, known for his advertisements and poster designs.

Hassall was born in Walmer, Kent, and was educated in Worthing, at Newton Abbot College, and at Neuenheim College, Heidelberg. After twice failing entry to The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, he emigrated to Manitoba in Canada in 1888 to begin farming with his brother Owen. He returned to London two years later when he had drawings accepted by the Graphic. At the suggestion of Dudley Hardy (along with Cecil Aldin, a lifelong friend), he studied art in Antwerp and Paris. During this time he was influenced by the famous poster artist Alphonse Mucha.

Arguably John Hassall's most famous creation was "The Jolly Fisherman" in 1908, which is regarded as one of the most famous holiday advertisements of all time. His 1910 design for the Kodak Girl, in her iconic striped blue and white dress, became a feature of Kodak's advertising to the 1970s. Hassall's design was continually updated to reflect changing fashions and trends and was longer lasting and of greater international significance than his Jolly Fisherman.

For more information on John Hassall, and for earlier works see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 - 7 also. 

This is part 8 of an 11-part series on the works of John Hassall:

c1910 Gulliver's Travels
published by Blackie and Son Ltd., London:

"Gulliver is carried to the City of Little People"

Title Page

The little men shoot their arrows at Gulliver

Gulliver in the City of the Little People

Country folk staring at the Man-Mountain

A Farmer takes Gulliver with him to Market

Gulliver is shown to the people at the Market

Gulliver tells the King his Story

Gulliver is carried away by the Eagle

1911c Hampton Court (The Tudor Bridge) By Train
colour lithograph poster for Underground Electric Railways Co. of London, Ltd.
75.3 x 50 cm

1912 Blackpool
colour lithograph poster

1912 The Sleeping Beauty
published by Blackie & Son Ltd., London

1912c Blackie's Blue Picture Book
A Book of Nursery Tales
published by Blackie & Son Ltd., London:

Front Cover

Title Page

 Cinderella helps her sisters to dress

The Sisters tell Cinderella what happened at the Ball

Cinderella enters the Coach
1913 London Transport Poster
"When in doubt take the Underground"
colour lithograph 102 x 64 cm

1913 The Forge
colour lithographic print after a watercolour

1914 Irresistible!
The Boy's Own Paper

1914-15 The Morning of Bannockburn
 Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum,
Glasgow, Scotland

1914-18 WW1 Recruitment poster
"Come and Join the Cadets"
75 x 49 cm

c1914-18 WW1 Belgian Canal Boat Fund
For Relief of the Civil Population behind the firing Lines.
Send them Something.

1915 Music in War-Time Grand Patriotic Concert
lithographic poster 76.4 x 51 cm

1915 Short Seaplane
oil on canvas 101 x 150 cm
Usher Gallery, Lincoln, UK

1915 The Vision of St George over the Battlefield
 oil on canvas 76 x 130 cm
Imperial War Museum, London

1915 Ye Berlyn Tapestrie
Modelled after the famous Bayeux Tapestry, which records events leading up to the Norman Invasion of England and the culminating Battle of Hastings in October 1066, this panorama was made in 1915 at the height of World War One.
It consists of five folded conjoined sheets making a panorama containing thirty scenes and measuring 13.5 x 462.5 cm.
(Showing the artworks as spreads and individual pages):

c1915-16 Royal Naval & Military Tournament
colour lithograph poster 102 x 64 cm

1916 Belgium Night Royal Albert Hall.
They must not starve.
WW1 poster

1917 Charley's Aunt theatre poster for
The Brandon Thomas Company on Tour

1917 Charley's Aunt theatre poster for 
The Brandon Thomas Company on Tour

1917 The State Entry of Queen Elizabeth into Bristol, 14 August 1574
oil on canvas 257 x 196 cm
Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, UK

c1917-18 "Aviator" Car Mascot
bronze with porcelain head

c1917-18 "Aviator" Car Mascot 
bronze with porcelain head

c1917-18 "Bobby" Car Mascot (Police Officer)
brass nickel finish and spring-loaded enamelled porcelain head. 11 cm high

c1917-18 "Bobby" Car Mascot (Police Officer)

c1917-18 "Bobby" Car Mascot (Police Officer)

c1917  Y.W.C.A. (Young Women's Christian Association) postcard
"May We Have Huts Too?"

1918 "Help to Catch Huns"
Victory Bonds Shorten the War
 colour lithograph poster 35 x 53 cm

1919 Savage Club Costume Ball
colour lithograph poster 76.7 x 50.5 cm

1920 Children's Country Holiday Fund
colour lithograph poster 76.5 x 50.1 cm

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