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Phil May - part 16

Philip William May was a caricaturist. He was born near Leeds and was the son of an engineer who died when May was nine years old. May worked in a variety of jobs before moving to London, and shortly afterward to Australia, when he was seventeen. In Australia he found work with the Sydney Bulletin, and in just three years produced over 800 drawings for the Bulletin. On his return to London in 1892 May drew for the St Stephen's Review; his studies of the London guttersnipes and coster-girls rapidly made him famous. He became a regular member of the staff of Punch in 1896, and in his later years his services were retained exclusively for Punch and The Graphic.

For full biographical notes on Phil May see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 - 15 also.

This is part 16 of a 22-part series on the works of Phil May:

1904-1905 Phil May's Illustrated Annual:

Title Page

A Christmas Carol.

"Have you got Marie Corelli's 'Sorrows' ?"
"NO, Miss."

"I see you won your round." ...

Nervous Pianiste...

Sketched in The Strand.

An Introduction at Marken.

Parson.- "I'm afraid, General,...

"Give us a bite of yer apple, Billy."...

Old Lady from the Country.-...

In The Provinces.

"Kith me, Ithaac."...

"Ave yer got a pin, please, Mister ?"

Souvenir of Broadway.



Farmer Brown.-...

Fortune Teller.-...

"What is she singing ?"...

London Types: Saffron Hill.

A Leader of Fashion.


"Oh, yes !..."

Fashionable Tenor.-...

"Excuse me...."

Style at Monte Carlo.

Mr. Punch's Railway Book. 
published by The Educational Book Co. Ltd. :

Front Cover

For Ladies Only

Notes of Travel


 "Phew! Just saved it by t'skin o' my teeth!"

So Likely!
( Seen in Part 15 as well )



n.d. Sketchbook of Figure Studies in pencil 
18 x 8.9 cm 
Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, CA:



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