Monday, 26 December 2011

Snow paintings

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, but during the festive interlude, here are some seasonal paintings and prints of snow to enjoy:

Alfred Sisley 1874 Snow at Louveciennes

Camille Pissarro Cottage at Pontoise in the Snow 1879

Claude Monet Lavacourt Under Snow

Claude Monet Magpie 1868

Claude Monet Snow near Honfleur 1867

Claude Monet View of Argenteuil in the Snow 1875

David Hockney Snow 1973 lithograph

Hokusai Snow, Moon an Blossoms

John Twachtman 1897-1899 Snow Scene at Utica

John Twachtman Icebound c1889

Mikhail Germashyov 1897

Paul Gauguin Breton Village in Snow

Paul Gauguin Breton Village in Snow 1894

Paul Gauguin Garden under Snow 1879

Peter Doig Cobourg 3 + 1 more 1994

Peter Doig Window Pane 1993

Pierre-Auguste Renoir Landscape with Snow c1875

Utagawa Hiroshige Yuhi Hill and the Drum Bridge at Meguro 1857

Vincent van Gogh Landscape with Snow 1888


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  2. I think I like the Drum bridge piece best.


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