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Children’s Books 1850–1881 part 4

This series features illustrated children's books mainly from the Victorian era, more specifically from between 1850 and 1904. I found so many interesting books that I decided to split the series. 

This first series features books from between the 1850s to 1881.

Books from between 1881 to 1904 will appear here later in the year.

Until the mid-18th century, children's books mainly consisted of moralistic or enlightening stories propagating the religious and ethical view that hard work and diligence determines a person's life. Little consideration was given to children's reading pleasure.

The focus in children's books gradually shifted from simple moral lessons to entertainment, with techniques of expression employed specifically for that purpose. Books carrying witty illustrations or exploring children's inner life also began to appear. The mid-19th century saw the development of girls' novels and narratives of family life.

This is part 4 of an 11-part series on children's books 1850s - 1881:

1872 Aunt Friendly's Nursery Keepsake:

Hop O' My Thumb Saves his Parents

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
The Opening of the Pie

The King Counting his Money

The Queen in her Parlour

The Maid in the Garden

The Jackdaw's Wickedness

The Maid and the Doctor

The Frog Who Would a Wooing Go

Froggy Meets the Rat

Mrs Mouse Spinning

The Merry-Making

Froggy Frightened

Death of Poor Froggy

The Three Little Pigs
Going to Seek their Fortunes

The House of Furze

Early Rising

Little Pig Escaping

The Wolf, The Pig, and the Churn

The Fate of the Wolf

The Ugly Duckling
In the Farm-Yard

The Duckling Driven Away

The Cat, The Hen, and The Duckling

Cutting the Duckling Out of The Ice

The Beautiful Birds

The Duckling Finds he is a Swan

Puss in Boots
Puss Consoling the Miller's Son

Puss Makes a Present to the King

Puss Calls on the Ogre

Puss Asks Help for His Master

Puss Threatens the Reapers

The King and Princess Visit the Marquis

Dame Trot Buys the Cat

 Puss Making Tea

 Puss in Full Dress

 The End of the Ride

The Old Woman Finds Sixpence

"Water, Water, Quench Fire."

"Butcher, Butcher, Kill Ox."

"Cat! Cat! Kill Rat."

The Old Woman and Her Pig

Tom Thumb's Arrival

Tom Thumb and the Pudding

Tom Thumb and the Tinker

Tom Thumb and the Cow

Tom Thumb and the Eagle

Tom Thumb at Arthur's Court

The Three Bears
The Morning Walk

Little Golden Hair

Eating Baby Bear's Breakfast

"Somebody has been here."

Golden Hair in Danger

Golden Hair Escapes

Jack and the Beanstalk
Jack Sells the Cow

The Beanstalk

The Golden Eggs

Jack Takes the Money-Bags

Jack Seizes the Harp

The Giant's Fall

Diamonds and Toads
The Poor Girl

Rose's Kindness

Pearls and Diamonds

The Rude Girl

Toads and Vipers

The Fairy's Visit

Hop o' My Thumb
Hop o' My Thumb Strewing Pebbles

The Giant's Seven Daughters

The Giant in Seven-League Boots

Hop o' My Thumb Taking Off the Boots

Hop o' My Thumb Reaching the Camp

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