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Prayer Cards - part 5

In the Christian tradition, holy cards or prayer cards are small, Devotional pictures mass-produced for the use of the faithful. They usually depict a religious scene or a Saint in an image about the size of a playing card. The reverse typically contains a prayer, some of which promise an indulgence for its recitation. The circulation of these cards is an important part of the visual folk culture of Roman Catholics, and in modern times, prayer cards have also become popular among Orthodox Christians and Protestant Christians, although with the latter, biblical themes are emphasised within them.

For more information see part 1, and for more card images see parts 1 - 4 also.

This is part 5 of a 5-part series on Prayer Cards:

Sancte Joseph
( Saint Joseph )

Sanctus Carolus Borromaeus
( St. Charles Borromeo )

Sanctus Joseph / Salvator Noster Jesus Christus / Mater dei virgo Maria
( St. Joseph / Savior Jesus Christ / Virgin Mary Mother of God )

Seigneur conduiser nous avec notre protection nous arriverons à votre sanctaire.
( Lord, lead us, with your protection we arrive at your sanctuary )

Seigneur enseignez-moi à faire votre volonté
( Lord, teach me to do Thy Will )

Si Dieu touche ton cœur de sa croix ce n'est pas pour le blesser...
( If God touches your heart with his cross it is not to hurt him… )

Si queréis conocer y amar á Jesus, dirigios á San José.
( If you want to know and love Jesus, go to San Jose. )

Si tu es en paix avec ta conscience tu seras en paix avec Jésus
( If you are at peace with your conscience you will be at peace with Jesus )

Source Viviente!…
( Source of Life! My heart is a fountain of living water where my servants come to find strength. )

SS. Petrus et Paulus.
( Saints Peter and Paul. )

St. Catherine of Sienna.

St. Dominique reçoit le tres saint Rosaire.
( St. Dominic receives the most Holy Rosary )

St. Elizabeth

St. Helen

St. John carrying the Christ child

St. Joseph

St. Joseph

St. Joseph

St. Patrick

St. Paul.

St. Thérèse.
( St. Teresa. )

Ste Hélene.
( Saint Helen. )

The Baby Jesus

The birth of Jesus

The Christ Child

The Christ Child

The Cross and Passion are past; The Crown is won.

The Crown of Thorns

The Good Shepherd and Guardian Angels

The Holy Cross

The Holy Cross

The Holy Dove

The Holy Dove

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Virgin Mary and Jesus

Trinité de la Terre
( Trinity of the Earth )

Urquelle aller Gnaden. Source de Graces…
( Source of Graces. O my Jesus is how dry the heart that moves away from you )

Venez participer à la chair et au sang de la victime immolée pour nous:...
( Come participate in the flesh and blood of the sacrificed victim for us:… )

Venez tous à moi mes bras vous sont ouverts...
( Come all to me my arms are open to you… )

Visitation. Demeurè de Ste. Elisabeth.
( Visitation. Residence of St. Elizabeth )

Voici le Roi des Anges.
( Here is the King of Angels. )

Votre cœur ô Mére divine sera toujours favorable au pécheur repentant
( Your heart, Divine Mother, will always be favourable to the repentant sinner )

Vous êtes tous appelés au bonheur!
( You are all called to happiness! )

Vous prierez ainsi, n, p, Qui êtes aux cieux que votre nom soit sanctifie.
( You will pray, n, p, Who are in heaven that your name be sanctified. )

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