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Charles Dana Gibson - part 3

Born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Charles Dana Gibson attended the Art Students League in New York, studying with Thomas Eakins and Kenyon Cox. Hugely successful at the turn of the century, he left New York from 1905 to 1907 to study painting in France, Spain, and Italy.

Gibson's name is still remembered for its association with the icon he created, the "Gibson Girl." This idealised, refined upper-middle-class woman became so popular that she was featured in stage plays, and her image was printed on a variety of domestic objects. The highest-paid illustrator of his time, in 1904 Gibson accepted a contract from Collier's Weekly, which paid him $100,000 for one hundred illustrations over four years. Gibson's illustrations gently satirised public life and mores. During World War I, as president of the Society of Illustrators, Gibson formed and became head of the Division of Pictorial Publicity under the Federal Committee of Public Information. Through this program, prominent illustrators were recruited to design posters, billboards, and other publicity for the war effort. His involvement with publicity during the war led Gibson to become owner and editor of Life, a New York-based magazine filled with short articles and illustrations. In the early 1930s Gibson retired in order to devote more time to painting.

For more information about Charles Dana Gibson see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1 & 2 also.

This is part 3 of a 12-part series on the works of Charles Dana Gibson:

1899 Another Monopoly
Life Publishing Co.
 1899 Gibson Girls:

1899 Sketches in Egypt 
published by Harper & Bros., London:

A Bargain in the Ghezireh Gardens.

A Descendant of the Prophet -
El Saied Ahmad Abdel Khalek Affandi, Sheik el Sadat.

An Artist in the Mouskie.

An Assiût Donkey.

At Komombos.

At Lady Grenfell's Masquerade Ball -
on the eve of KItchener's departure for the Soudan.

Egyptian High Life.

In the Fish-Market.

Karnak, January 2 1898.

Lunching in Karnak.

On the Road to Cairo.

Some Visitors.

Temple of Ti.

The Present Situation.

The Slipper Bazaar, Cairo, January 22, 1898.

Thebes, January 2. 1898.

"The man who has 'been there before' "

"A good an imitation of Monte Carlo as the law allows."

"Most of the day was spent with Baedecker."

1900 Americans:

1900 Americans

1900 Americans
Of Course You Can Tell Fortunes with Cards.

1900 Americans
The turning of the Tide
1899 Summer and Winter.
Both sides of it.
Life Publishing Co.

1899 The Education of Mr. Pip
published by R.H. Russell, New York
Front Cover

1899 The Education of Mr. Pip
published by R.H. Russell, New York
Title Page

1899 The Education of Mr. Pip
On the occasion of Mr. Pipp’s Birthday, a Ball is Given at Caroney Castle pen and ink over graphite Library of Congress, Washington, DC

1899 The Mother

1899 The The Evening

1900 "When the hunting season opens"
Life Publishing Co.

1900 A Little Incident.
Showing that even inanimate objects can enter into the spirit of the game.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 A Message from the Outside World.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 A Quiet Dinner with Mr. Bottles.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 Advice to Caddies.
You will save time by keeping you eye on the ball, not on the player.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 Fore! The American Girl to All the World.
 Life Publishing Co.

1900 Les Fiancés.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 Melting.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 No Wonder the Sea Serpent Frequents our Coast.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 Picturesque America.
Anywhere along the coast.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 She Contemplates the Cloister.
Life Publishing Co.

1900 She Decides to Die in Spite of Dr. Bottles.
 Life Publishing Co.

1900 She Finds Some Consolation in Her Mirror.
 Life Publishing Co.

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