Friday, 17 July 2020

Holiday magazine - part 1

In many ways, Holiday Magazine was ahead of its time. It brought together the finest writers, artists, and photographers and urged post-war Americans to expand themselves, to celebrate their relative wealth and as Vanity Fair said, “sold an ideal of travel as enrichment” (May 2013). Indeed, travel was promoted as a means to personal “intellectual and spiritual growth.”
It also helped expose Americans to many places that they’d heard of as a result of World War II that were now peaceful and open for them to see in full colour. The stories, written by people with names like Didion, Faulkner, Fleming, Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Thurber took full advantage of the blossoming air travel industry and had an almost bohemian approach to life in a world dominated by the Saturday Evening Post. Perhaps most telling is that former advertising man, Ted Patrick, ran it during the majority of its first incarnation (it closed in 1977, but was re-launched recently).
Ted Patrick wanted to get America hooked on the idea that the world, and its experiences were there for us to discover. You just had to get out and see what was waiting for you. Holiday wasn’t counter culture, but it wasn’t mainstream either. It just revelled in idealised beauty, as its founding editor, J. Frank Beaman said in his dedication, “Holiday is dedicated to the pursuit of happiness. For all of those who see ‘go’ signs on the horizon, for all of those who seek to get more sheer living out of life itself, Holiday is created.”
This is part 1 of 2 on Holiday magazine:

1946 12 December

1947 3 March
cover by Diego Rivera

1947 4 April

1947 6 June

1947 8 August
cover by W. Kirtman Plummer

1947 9 September
"State of Washington"

1947 11 November
cover by Charles Allen

1948 5 May

1948 8 August
"The Corn Belt"cover by John Atherton

1948 February
"New Orleans"
cover by Jose Bartoli 

1949 1 January "Hollywood"
cover by Jose Bartoli

1949 2 February
Advertisement for Alcoa Steamship Company
by Boris Artzybasheff

1949 2 February
"West Indies"
cover by Harry O. Diamond

1949 3 March
"The Mississippi"

1949 5 May"The Horses"
 cover by Vaughn Flannery

1949 6 June "Columbia River Country"cover by John Atherton

1949 7 July

1949 8 August
Advertisement for "De Soto"

1949 8 August "Canada"cover by Robert Fawcett 

1949 9 September
"The Hudson"
cover by Frederick Siebel

1949 12 December
"Republic of Ireland"
cover by John Cullen Murphy

1950 1 January "Los Angeles"cover by Siebel 

1950 2 February
Advertisement for "Florida"

1950 3 March
"The President's House"

1950 4 April
"Philadelphia's Main Line"

1950 4 April
Advertisement for "Botany Brand" clothing

1950 6 June

1950 7 July
Illustration by Bill Ballantine

1950 8 August

1951 1 January

1951 3 March
Fifth Anniversary Issue

1951 4 April
cover by Saul Steinberg

1951 7 July
Adverisement for Frazer automobiles

1952 7 July
"Travel U.S.A."

1952 12 December
"Winter in New York"

1953 July
"Travel North America"

1956 3 March
"10th Anniversary"

1956 12 December
cover by André Francois

1957 1 January
Advertisement for "Chevrolet"

1957 1 January
Illustration by Ronald Searle

1957 4 April "France"
cover by George Giusti

1957 8 August
Advertisement for "Chevrolet"

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