Monday, 10 August 2020

Peter Piper Alphabet

Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation published 1936 by Willard Johnson, PA.

Different illustrators for each letter 20 x 14 cm:

Front Cover

Back Cover

Title Page designed by Bruce Rogers

A. designed by John S. Fass
illustration adapted from a Sixteenth Century Woodcut

B. designed by Joseph Blumenthal
illustrated by Fritz Eichenberg

C. designed by G. Gehman Taylor
illustrated by George F.Trenholm

D. designed and illustrated by W.A. Dwiggins

E. designed by Nelson Amsden
illustrated by Corydon Bell

F. designed by Charles R. Capon and Fred Anthoensn
illustrated by Charles R. Capone

G. designed by Edwin and Robert Grabhorn
 illustration by John Tenniel

H. designed by Edmund B. Thompson
illustrated by Valenti Angelo

I. designed by John Archer
illustrated by Joseph Low

J. designed by Helen Gentry
illustrated by Anne Heyneman

K. designed by Ernst Reichl
illustrated by Donald P. Bennett, aged nine

L. designed and illustrated by Howard Trafton

M. designed by Edward Alonzo Miler
illustrated by Lucina Wakefield

N. designed by James and Cecil Johnson

O. designed by Heyworth Campbell
illustrations from Type Specimen Books

P. designed and illustrated by John Averill

Q. designed by Milton Glick
illustrated by Boris Artzybasheff

R. designed by Arthur W. Rushmore
illustrated by Leo Manso

S. designed and illustrated by Raymond Lufkin

T. designed by Lester Douglas
illustrated by Charles Dunn 

U. designed and illustrated by Robert Foster

V. designed and illustrated by Clarence P. Hornung

W. designed by Carl Purington Rollins
illustrated with Linotype ornaments and Linotype Family Letters

X.Y.Z. designed and illustrated by Georg Salter

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