Sunday, 31 March 2013

Alex Steinweiss - part 6

Alex Steinweiss (1917 - 2011)  played a seminal role in record cover design as the art director for Columbia Records as well as other record companies, London, Decca and A & R records. He revolutionised the way records were packaged and marketed. His genre-defining work in the visual expression of music transformed both the design and the music industries.

For full biographical notes on Alex Steinweiss see part 1, and for earlier works, see parts 1-5 also.

This is part 6 of a 6-part post on the works of Alex Steinweiss. I do not have dates for these final pieces:

J.S. Bach "Brandenburg Concertos" 
[Columbia Records] signed Steinweiss

Humperdinck "Hansel and Gretel" 
[Columbia Masterworks] signed Steinweiss

Invitation to the Waltz 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2069] signed Steinweiss

Joseph Szigeti "Brahms Violin Concerto" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4015] signed Steinweiss

Jackie Wilson "My Golden Favorites" 
[Brunswick Records catalogue no. BL 54058]

José Greco "Ballet"
 [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9757]

José Greco "Danzas Flamencas"
 [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9758]

Lily Pons Program 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. MM-582] signed Steinweiss

Kern for Moderns
 [London Records catalogue no. LL 1279]

Manhattan Moods
 [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 2144] signed Steinweiss

[Coral Records catalogue no. CRL 757342]

Masterpieces of the Dance Volume 3
 [Cook Records catalogue no. 2066]

[Columbia Records catalogue no. C-62] signed Steinweiss

Mendelssohn " Symphony No. 5 in D Major op. 107" Beethoven "Symphony No. 8 in F Major op.93 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9726] signed Piedra Blanca

Mendelssohn "Concerto in E Minor for Violin and Orchestra op. 64" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4363] signed Steinweiss

Meyerbeer "Les Patineurs Ballet ( The Skaters )" + Bliss "Checkmate" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no.ML 4362] signed Steinweiss

Mendelssohn "Symphony No. 4 in A Major op.90" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. MM-733] signed Steinweiss

Mozart "Concerto in G Major k.216" Beethoven "Sonata No. 7 in C Minor for Violin and Piano op. 30 No. 2"
 [Columbia Masterworks] signed Steinweiss

Mozart "Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major k.467 / Piano Concerto No. 17 in G Major k. 453" 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9973] signed Piedra Blanca

Music for Romance
 [London Records catalogue no. LL 1148]

Music of Lecuona + String Time 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4361] signed Steinweiss

Music Plus! Volume 1 No. Eleven
 [Remington Records]

Mussorgsky "Pictures at an Exhibition" Wagner "Siegried Idyl"
 [Decca Gold Label Series]

My Golden Favorites - Lawrence Welk and his Champagne Music
 [Coral Records catalogue no. CRL 57353]

Nelson Eddy in "Songs we Love" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4343] signed Steinweiss

Piatigorsky in "Russian Melodies" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. MM-684] signed Steinweiss

One Dozen Roses 
[Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8491]

Play a Polka! 
[Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8441]

Rachmaninoff "Concerto No. 3 in D Minor for Piano and Orchestra op.30"
 [Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4369] signed Steinweiss

Ravel "Bolero / Alborado del Gracioso" Falla "The Three Cornered Hat" Weber-Berlioz "Invitation to the Waltz"
 [London Records catalogue no. CS6077]

Rawicz and Landauer "Ballet Memories on 2 Pianos" 
[London Records catalogue no. LL1269]

Red Foley's Golden Favorites 
[Decca Records catalogue no. DL 4107]

Richard Strauss "Elektra" 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9723] signed Piedra Blanca

Risë Stevens "Sincerely Yours" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML-4179] signed Steinweiss

Saint-Saëns "Carnival of the Animals" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4355] signed Steinweiss

Rossini "Stabat Mater"
 [Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DX-132] signed Piedra Blanca

Schubert "Symphony No. 4 in C Minor / Symphony No. 5 in B Flat Major" 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. 9725] signed Piedra Blanca

Shostakovitch "Symphony No. 9 op. 70" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. MM-688] signed Steinweiss

Showpieces for Orchestra Vol. 1 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9727] signed Piedra Blanca

Tchaikovsky "Nutcracker Suite op. 71a" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. MM-714] signed Steinweiss

Stravinsky "Le Sacre du Printemps"
 [London Records catalogue no. LL 1730]

Stravinsky "Concerto for Piano and Winds" Bartók "Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion" 
[Decca Gols Label Series catalogue no. 9963] signed Piedra Blanca

Ted Heath plays Al Jolson Classics 
[London Records catalogue no. LL 1776]

The Ames Brothers 
[Coral Records catalogue no. CRL 57338]

The London Baroque Ensemble… / Mozart 
[Decca Gold Label Series catalogue no. DL 9776] signed Piedra Blanca

The McGuire Sisters  
[Coral Records catalogue no. CRL 57349]

The Music of George Gershwin
 [London Records catalogue no. LL 1203]

Trapp Family Singers "Sad Am I Without Thee" 
[Decca Gols Label Series catalogue no. 9759]

Twilight Concert 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML 4311] signed Steinweiss

Twilight Concert Program No. 2 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. ML4337] signed Steinweiss

Victor Young's Musical Sketchbook 
[Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8140]

Virgil Thomson " 5 Portraits" 
[Columbia Masterworks catalogue no. X-255] signed Steinweiss

Whistle a Happy Tune! 
[Decca Records catalogue no. DL 8995]

Winifred Atwell piano…plays Gershwin
 [London Records catalogue no. LL 1749]