Friday 25 February 2022

Dutch Posters 1835-1987 - part 2

The Dutch have been producing quite high quality advertising posters from about the 1870s to the present day. I've managed to source so many that I have posted these in two series: Posters from 1875 to 1935 (see index) this series 1935 to 1987. Individual artists biographical notes given where found.

This is part 2 of 6 parts on Dutch Posters 1935-1935. For earlier works, see part 1 also.

1925 Gitob Groote Internationale Tentoonstelling
Artist: Jan ten Have

Jan ten Have (1903-1991) was a Dutch painter, water-colourist, lithographer and etcher.

1926 Alcoholgebruik Vermeerdert de Kans op Ongewallen
 Artist: Albert Hahn

1929 De Amsterdamsche Kunstkring voor Allan
 Artist: Nicolaas van de Vecht (1886-1941)

1930 Koolmonoxyde
Artist: E. Lukàcs

Endre Lukács (also referred to as "Ed Lukacs") was a Hungarian-Dutch illustrator, best known for his work for the Dutch Donald Duck weekly from the 1950s through the 1970s. He goes down in history as the first regular Disney artist in the Netherlands, who brought typically Dutch elements into his drawings.

c1932 Reist per Spoor
Artist: Nicolaas van de Vecht

1936 Holanda Campos de Flores
Artist: Emmanuel Gaillard (b.1902)

1936 Vacantie Kaaten
Artist: Jean Walther (1910-1968)

1938 15 Mei 1938 Electrificatie
Artist: Emmanuel Gaillard (b.1902)

1938 Nedelandsche Soorwegen
Artist: Frans Mettes (1909-1984)

1938 Veilig Vlug Voordeelig Verwarmd
Kees van der Laan

Kees van der Laan (1903-1938) spent three formative years in Paris, 1924-1927, a time when French Art Deco was flourishing. His Art Deco sensibilities were further reinforced when, back in Holland, he encountered Cassandre's work for Dutch clients. Van der Laan's posters reflect his versatility with the airbrush and an affinity for transportation in the Machine Age. While many of his posters feature aircraft, this image is even more powerful, more geometric, and thanks to the horizontal format, more dynamic than most.

1939 England
Artist: Kees van der Laan

1939 Gezins-Retours
Artist: Frans Waslander (1913-1977)

1939 op blanke draden loert gevaar
Artist: Strelitskie

1939 Trek er op uit met een Weekeindretour
Artist: Frans Mettes (1909-1984)

1939 Verzog Spoedig de Kleinste Wond
Artist: Gé Hurkmans

Gé Hurkmans (1911–1984) Dutch painter who studied simultaneously at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and the Academy St. Joost in Den Bosch from 1928-34. He then taught drawing, architecture and art history at schools in Bergen Op Zoom, Tilburg, Amsterdam and Den Bosch. Hurkmans was drawing and painting teacher at the academy in Den Bosch during the 1940s, where he was later director from 1959-76. Hurkmans was primarily a landscape painter and designer of posters for Catholic propaganda.

1939 Ze Gaan Nu Elk Half Uur
Artist: Joop Geesink

Joop Geesink (1913-1984) was a Dutch TV producer and puppet film animator, best known for creating 'Rick de Kikker' (1966-1968) and his signature character 'Loeki de Leeuw' (1972-2004), who livened up countless commercial TV breaks.

1941 Rook Niet in Niet Rooken

1945-50 Oranjeboom Bieren
om feest bij te vieren!

1945-50 Sportacties

1945-50 Versterkt onze Gelederen!

1945-55 Edy Emaille
Artist: Hettes

Amsterdam Viert Zijn Bevrijding

1946 Artis Amsterdam
Artist: Boeve

1946 Eem Kwart eeuw Theater Tuschinski 1921 1946

1946 Een in Verzet

1946 Parijs Per Pullman

1946 Passie-Spelen Tegelen 1946
Artist: Piet Peters

Piet Peters (1889-1950) Dutch painter and sculptor. He competed in the individual and team road race events at the 1948 Summer Olympics.

1946 Steeds Hogere Omzet
door Mutator Adressen op uw Postreclame

1946 Verzend per Spoor

1946-51 Ranja en Rojo

1946-51 Ranja

1947 Dagblad Trouw. Altijd op de Hoogte

1947 De Onafhankelijken
Artist: Dan Brekker

Dan Brekker (1906 Haarlem- 1973 Amsterdam) Painter, water-colourist and etcher.

1947 Diana Zon-lotion
Artist: Tomsey

1947 Jubileum Tentoonstelling 1807-1947

1947 Nederland Engeland

1948 Concurso Internacional de Musica

1948 Fashionweek Amsterdam

1948 Haagse Kunstmaand Jubileumjaar
Artist: Florus Silvester

Florus "Flor" Silvester (1923 Rotterdam – 2008 Dordrecht) sometimes spelled as Silvestre, was a Dutch graphic designer, illustrator, painter, and sculptor. Silverster's designs won him the Eurostar for packaging and the Golden Nut. He designed and illustrated many Dutch books and some classic posters.

1948 Holland Festival
Artist: Eppo Doeve?

1948-49 Zijlstra Kaas
Artist: Koen van Os (Dutch 1910-1983)

1948-51 Piggelmee is terug!

1949 Artis Amsterdam

1949 De Volkskrant
Artist: Sol

1949 De Volkskrant
Artist: Sol

1949 Phoenix Bier Verfrischt

1949 Polar Geperst uit Zonrijp Fruit
1949 Lloyd Brasileiro

1949 Europe
Artist: Reyn Dirksen (1924 - 1999)

n.d. Whatever the weather
We must move together
Artist: Reyn Dirksen

c1955 Bezoekt Avifauna
Artist: Reyn Dirksen
1955 Europe Canada Line
Artist: Reyn Dirksen
1954 Holland-America Line
Artist: Reyn Dirksen
1952 Holland
Artist: Reyn Dirksen

c1960 3.4 Kan per Dag
Artist: Reyn Dirksen