Saturday 15 June 2013

Ludwig Hohlwein - part 3

Ludwig Hohlwein (1874 - 1949) born in Wiesbaden, Berchtesgaden in 1874 was a German poster artist. He was trained and practiced as an architect until 1906 when he switched to poster design.

For more biographical notes see part 1. For other works by Hohlwein, see parts 1 and 2 also.

This is part 3 of a 5-part post on the works of Ludwig Hohlwein:

DKW Sport

Dora Menzier - The Beauty of the Body

Electricity in the Household Exhibition

Endurance, Power and Energy - Kola Dallmann Dallkolat

Erich Brewery 1730

Ernemann Binoculars

Ernemann Kinoptikon Projectors

Ernemann Kinox projectors

Ernte 23 tobacco

Estra Transformers

F. Wolff and Son cosmetics

Feima Coffee Substitute

Ferro-Magnetic Posters

Flying Machine Works - Gustav Otto, Munich

Follow Us

Franck Coffee

Franck Special Coffee

Friemann Coffee

Gerasch Pleasure

Germany - Summer on the Rhine

Goldseal Hats

Good Print Advertising

Good Print Advertising


Greenland Ice Cream

Guta Stockings

Hackerbräu beer

Hadstein's timetables

Hand Cream

Hat Protection

Hemann Tietz, Munich

Hercules Beer

Hermann Scherrer Sporting and Ladies Tailor, Munich

Herrmann Hoffmann, Berlin - Clothing for Hunting

Hohlwein Cigarettes

Hunting Exhibition, Berlin

International Importing Fair

Jgeha Chocolates

Karnatzki Chocolate

Katheriner Wine

Kurpfalz Reisling

Küenzlen Wines

Kwannon Cigarettes

L. Wolff Cigars

Leather Wax

Leibniz-Keks Biscuits

LEW Electricity Works

Linoleum Wax



M. Paul cigarettes

M.A.N. Egineering Works, Nuremberg - Motor PFLVGE

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Sliding Platforms

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Waste Heat Reclaimer

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Bridges

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Bridges

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Cranes

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Cranes

M.A.N. Engineering Works - Cranes