Friday 3 December 2021

Dutch Posters 1875-1935 - part 2

The Dutch have been producing quite high quality advertising posters from about the 1870s to the present day. I've managed to source so many that I will post these in two series: Posters from 1875 to 1935, and at a later date a series of posters from 1875 to 1987. Individual artists biographical notes given where found.

This is part 2 of 7 parts on Dutch Posters 1875-1935:

1900-25 De Beurs

1900-25 De Geisha
Artist: Piet van der Hem

Piet van der Hem (1885-1961) was born in 1885, the son of a merchant. Orphaned at the age of 12, he was taken in by his uncle and aunt. Encouraged by a secondary school teacher to become an artist, Hem went to Amsterdam in 1902 to study at the Rijksschool and Rijksakademie. His talents won him a Royal Grant in 1907, enabling him to study for a year in Paris, where, enraptured by Montmartre, and the art of Toulouse-Lautrec, he made a large number of paintings and drawings of Parisian nightlife.

With the advent of World War I and the political maelstrom that engulfed Europe, Hem transformed himself into an editorial cartoonist of biting social commentary, with his work regularly appearing in The New Amsterdammer. At the same time, he realised several striking bust-length pastel portraits of prominent female cultural figures from the time, including the actress Enny Vrede and the dancer Mata Hari, who was famously executed as a German spy in 1917.

1900-25 De Hollandsche Revue

1900-25 De Rubicon

1900-25 De Vrede
Artist: H. Lammers

1900-25 Delfrite
Artist: Kaff

1900-25 Delftsche - Slaolie

1900-25 Diploma Instituut "Schoevers"
Artist: Charles Verschuuren

1900-25 Dr Knock of de triomf der medische wetenschap
Artist: Bernard Becan

Bernard Becan (1890 - 1943) born in Paris, was a draftsman, lithographer, etcher, illustrator, and poster designer who lived and worked in Paris. During WW1 he served in the Foreign Legion and produced illustrations for journals and posters. In 1943, partly in protest for being forced t by the occupying German forces to wear a yellow star, he starved himself to death.

1900-25 Dr. K.W. van Gorkom's Oost-Indische Cultures

1900-25 Drinkt Ter Wee's thee
Artist: Jan Rot

Jan Rot was born in Zaandam, the son of reformed parents. He eventually broke with the church and joined the Dutch Socialist Party. He studied painting at the Kunstnijverheidsschool and the Rijksacademie door Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam. He specialised in drawings and woodcuts. From 1915 he cooperated on the social anarchist Sunday newspaper “Volksdagblad.”

1900-25 Drukkerij Kotting Straatbiljetten
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

Arnold van Roessel (Arnoldus Franciscus Adrianus van Roessel) (1883 Tilburg, Netherlands - 1947 Bussum, Netherlands) Illustrator, designer and lithographer.

1900-25 Drukkerij Kotting

1900-25 Eau de Cologne "Sphinx"
Artist: Jan Rot

1900-25 Eet brood
Artist: Arnold van Roesfel

1900-25 Electra
Artist: Charles Verschuuren

1900-25 Erdal

1900-25 ESM Maandabonnementen
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Eureka Thee

1900-25 Even Opbellen!
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Herwonnen Levenskracht
Artist: C. Meurs

1900-25 Hellebrekers Bitter slaat het Record

1900-25 Go to Holland

1900-25 Gedenkt de helden van Scheveningen
Artist: Albert Mos

1900-25 Fotohandel P. Graafland
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Fotohandel J.J. Swart
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Fongers
Artist: F.G. Schlette

1900-25 Flora
Artist: Charles Verschuuren Sr.

1900-25 Faust
Artist: Raoul Hynckes

Raoul Hynckes ( 1893 Brussels -1973 Blaricum ) was a Dutch painter of Belgian origin. The style of Hynckes was initially impressionistic, but in the thirties of the last century he began allegorical still lifes to paint in a very realistic manner and in an extremely fine and meticulous painting style (withered trees, old nails, skulls). He is counted among the magical realists. Regularly he also worked as bookbinding designer and poster designer.

1900-25 Exposicion de los Paises Bajos

1900-25 Het Vijgeblaadje

1900-25 Honig's Maizena
Artist: D.H. Kramen

1900-25 Houdt Koers!
Artist: J.D. Ros

1900-25 Huishoudweek De Bijenkorf
Artist: Henry van den Boogaard

1900-25 Hulstkamp's Old Schiedam

1900-25 Hütter's Optische Industrie
Artist: Charles Verschuuren Sr.

1900-25 IJsco De Amstel
Artist: Charles Verschuuren Sr.

1900-25 Ik eet Sickesz' Abonnements Reep.

1900-25 Indian Motorrijwielen
Artist: Piet van der Hem

1900-25 Jellema's Thee Koffie

1900-25 Jonge Mannen Vereeniging Excelsior
Artist: Henry van den Boogaard

1900-25 Julius Dickhout Reclame-Bureau
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Julius Dickhout Reclame-Bureau
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Keg's Thee Zaandam
Artist: Johan Theodorus Berndsen

1900-25 Keg's Thee Zaandam
Artist: Johan Theodorus Berndsen

Johan Theodorus Berndsen (1890 Zutphen, Netherlands -1932)

1900-25 KLM

1900-25 Koninginnedag
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Korff's Cacao

1900-25 Kreymborg's coupe maakt vlug en elegant
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Kreymborg's Kleeding kent men aan Stof en Snit
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Kreymborg's Kleeding maakt Heeren
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Kulcsar's Perzisch Importhuis
Artist: Willy Sluiter

Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) created portraits, beach scenes, political cartoons, book covers and posters. Raised in the village of Zwijndrecht and trained at the art academies of Rotterdam and The Hague, he lived in fishermen's villages and artists' colonies such as Scheveningen, Katwijk, Volendam and Laren. 

His subjects ranged from the simple life of fishermen to fashionable city life. In higher circles he was a popular portrait painter. Sluiter was inspired by the French post-impressionists and the posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Sluiter managed to pair these artistic influences with a great sense of humour, resulting in striking cartoons and fashionable posters.

1900-25 Kunsthandel "Arti"
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 Kunstmin Soirée artistique

1900-25 Kunstzinnige Societeit De Kattebel
Artist: D.H. Kramer

1900-25 Ledigheid
Artist: Daan H.

1900-25 Les Martinez
 Artist: Charles Verschuuren Sr.

1900-25 Liqueurs Bols Amsterdam
Artist: Camille Bouchet

1900-25 Loop "naar den duivel"
Artist: Arnold van Roessel

1900-25 V. Huishoudgroenten & C.
Artist: Arnold van Roessel