Thursday 1 May 2014

Carl Larsson - Part 2

1891 Carl Larsson self-portrait

Carl Larsson (1853 – 1919) was a Swedish artist representative of the Arts and Crafts movement. His many works include oils, watercolours and frescoes. He considered his finest work to be Midvinterblot (Midwinter Sacrifice), a large wall mural now displayed in the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts.

For full biographical notes on Larsson, and for earlier works, see part 1. 

This is part 2 of a 7-part post on the works of Carl Larsson:

1884 Vallmor / Poppies 
watercolour 63.5 x 44 cm

1884 View of Montcourt 

1885 A Studio Idyll. The Artist's Wife with Daughter Suzanne. 
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

1885 An Interior with a Woman Reading 
oil on panel

1885 Interior of Gallery Fürstenberg, Gothenburg, Sweden 
watercolour 78 x 56.5 cm

1885 The Bridge in Grez 
watercolour 54.5 x 76.5 cm

1886 Främmande no.2 
oil on canvas 76 x 93 cm

1886 Open-Air Artist 
India ink on board 20.1 x 34.5 cm

1886 Open-Air Painter 
oil on canvas 119 x 209 cm 
Nationalmuseum, Stockholm, Sweden

1886 The Still-life Painter 

1886 A Lady Reading a Newspaper 

1887 Ester

1887 Karin and Suzanne

1887 Porcelain Painter

1887 "Ceramic" ( Porcelain Painter ) 

1887 Portrait of Alma 
pastel on paper  
Private Collection

1887c Karin In Autumn

1888 Profiles 
etching 24 x 15.7 cm ( plate ) 
© Finnish National Gallery, Helsinki

1889 Christmas Roses 
oil on canvas

1889 Study for Modern Art

1889 Ulf in the Evening Sun

1890 Illustrations for "Songs and Ballads" by Elias Sehlstedts:

1890 Peasant Interior in Winter 

1890 Pontus on the Floor

1891 Carl Gustaf Wilhelm Carleman

1891 Gothilda Fürstenberg 

1891 Greta and Dora Nora

1892 A Ray of Sunshine 
pencil and watercolour

1892 At the Keyhole

1892 The Day Before Christmas 
watercolour and ink on paper

1892 Illustration printed in "Ord och Bild" ( Words and Images ) Magazine 

1893 Anna Maria

1893 Karin and Brita 

1893 Karin and Lisbeth

1893 Marstrand Citadel 
pencil and watercolour

1893 Mother 

1893 My Loved Ones 

1893 My Loved Ones, Sunborn

1893 Summer Sunday Afternoon, Sundborn

1893 Smile 
ink on paper

1893 Sunflowers
 pencil, watercolour and gouache 45.7 x 25.7 cm 
Private Collection

1893 Suzanne in the Woods

1894 Apple Blossom 
pencil and watercolour

1894 Christmas Morning 
pencil and watercolour