Saturday 4 October 2014

Vintage Travel Posters - part 7

Travel posters are an ever-popular aspect of graphic design. I thought I would feature a broad spectrum of posters from the first half of the C20th, the golden age of the travel poster probably being associated with the 1920s and 1930s with posters by artists like Roger Broders, featuring sunny Mediterranean scenes.

This is part 7 of an 8 - part post on vintage travel posters. For earlier works see parts 1 - 6 also.

Holy Isipatana, India 
poster by Dorothy Newsome

Hunting in the USSR. Intourist

Ile Tudy. Finistère

India. Imperial Airways

Ireland. Great Southern Railways

Irish Airlines

poster by Michahelles

poster by Michahelles


Japan Tourist Bureau

Japan. Japanese Government Railways

Japan. Japanese Government Railways

Jungfrau-Railway, Switzerland

Kashmir. India State Railways

Lake Garda, Italy

Lake Louise, Canadian Rockies 
poster by Greenwood

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Le Pavilion Royal 
poster by Constant-Duval

London by LNER
poster by Fred Taylor

London. Pan American Airlines

Los Angeles, USA

Marseille - Alexandra

Mediterranean Cruises



Miami. Braniff International Airways 
poster by Hoyt

poster by Alessandro Pomi

MISR Egyptian Airlines


Motoring in Germany 
poster by Ludwig Hohlwein

Nantucket. New Haven Railroad 
poster by Ben Nason


New Mexico and Arizona Rockies
 poster by Kenneth and William Willmarth

New Orleans, USA

New York. AER Lingus - Irish International Airlines

New Zealand 
poster bt L. E. Mitchell


Odessa, Russia

Ostend - Dover

Pacific Northwest 
poster by Kenneth and Willam Willmarths

Palermo, Sicily

Paris -Lyon - Mediterranean

poster by A. M. Cassandre

Paris. Havre. New York

Paris. Trans-Canada Air Lines 
poster by William J. Taylor

Pennsylvania Railroad


Philadelphia. Pennsylvania Railroad


Qantas Empire Airways

Reiseland, Austria

Riquewihr, France 
poster by Fernand Schulsz-Wettel


Royal Mail "Atlantis" Autumn Cruises 
poster by Padden

Salt Lake City. American Airlines

San Francisco

San Remo 
poster by Alicandri