Tuesday 7 October 2014

Vintage Travel Posters - part 8

Travel posters are an ever-popular aspect of graphic design. I thought I would feature a broad spectrum of posters from the first half of the C20th, the golden age of the travel poster probably being associated with the 1920s and 1930s with posters by artists like Roger Broders, featuring sunny Mediterranean scenes.

This is part 8 of an 8 - part post on vintage travel posters. For earlier works see parts 1 - 7 also.

Santiago, Chile

Scotland by S.M.T.
 poster by Jack Peacock

Sea Cliff, Long Island, New York

See America. Welcome to Montana

See America. Welcome to Montana

See America

See HongKong

See India 
poster by Dorothy Newsome

See India 
poster by Phanij B. Sanyal

See India 
poster by V. A. Muli

Seville, Spain 
poster by Juan Balcera

Ski Colorado

Ski Jumping, Hungary

poster by M. Tvrdon

Southern California 
poster by Crompton

Southern California. United Air Lines 
poster by Stan Galli

SS France. French Line 
poster by J. Jacquelin

Ste. Croix et Les Rasses, Switzerland

Stockholm, Sweden 
poster by Iwar Donnér

Summer in Italy

Taormina, Sicily

poster by Harry Kelly

Texas. Braniff International Airways

The Boat Train. Boston and Maine Railroad

The Canadian. Canadian Pacific 
poster by R. Couillard

The Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Canada

Trans-Pyrénéen French Railway Poster

Transpacific Flight. Pan American Airways

Travel by Train. Canadian Pacific

Trieste, Italy

United States Lines

USSR Intourist

Val d'Aosta, Italy 
poster by Mario Puppo

Vancouver, Canada


Venice Simplon Orient-Express
 poster by Fix Masseau

Venice, Italy

Veracruz, Mexico

Veracruz, Mexico

Verona, Italy

Versailles, France

Victoria Railways, Australia

Vienna, Austria 
poster by Hermann Kosel

Villars - Chesieres - Arveyes, Switzerland

Visit Captivating India

Visit India 
poster by Fred Taylor

Visit India

Visit Java

Visit Palestine

Visit Prague

Visit Spain

Washington. TWA Airlines 
poster by David Klein

Welcome to New Zealand

Weston Super Mare, England 
poster by William A. Sennett

Wieliczka, Poland

Winter in Australia 
poster by Atelier Binder, Vienna

Winter in Bayern 
poster by Ludwig Hohlwein

Winter in Steiermark

Wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark

Yellowstone National Park

Yosemite. United Air Lines