Friday 12 November 2021

George Studdy - part 3

George Studdy evolved his most famous character within the pages of The Sketch. ‘Bonzo’, the mischievous white puppy, first appeared with that name on 8 November 1922, and became so popular that he was reproduced in many forms beyond books and postcards, from clocks to mascots.

G E Studdy was born at Stoke Damerel, Devon, on 23 June 1878, the son of a lieutenant in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders. He was educated at Clifton College, Bristol and Dulwich College, London (which he left in 1896). A childhood accident prevented him from following a military career, but he worked as an apprentice engineer for Thames Iron Works and then as a stockbroker before becoming a cartoonist. Encouraged by an aunt to develop his interest in art, he took evening classes at Heatherley’s and spent a valuable term at Calderon’s School of Animal Painting. From the turn of the century he contributed regularly to such periodicals as Comic Cuts and produced drawings for advertisements.

For more biographical notes, see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 & 2 also.

This is part 3 of a 5-part series on the works of George Studdy.

"Bonzo Series" postcards (Registered Trade Marked):

1920s I can't say how I've missed you.

1920s I wish I could join you!

1924 Love's Labour Lost.

1924 This place "suits" me all right

1925 All ours!

1925 "Hullo! Everybody!"

1925 I dream of you!

1925 I shall be here for some time!

1925 I wish you weren't so cold

1925 I'm Here

1925 I've got the pip!

1925 Looks like a wash-out.

1925 The views here are lovely.

1926 I was surprised to hear from you!

1926 I'm looking forward to a lively time!

1926 I've marked my hotel with a cross.

1926 I've struck a most expensive spot!

1926 "It's not so dusty down here!"

1926 Just call me "Speedy."

1926 Just sitting on the sands enjoying the breeze.

1926 This show isn't at all bad

Heresh to you!

I hate being parted from you.

I'm struck on this place!

"My wonderful one!"

My word! Black cats are lucky!!

So this is life.

Still buzzing around!

That cruisin' feeling!

"There's no place like home."

Who told you that one?

Other Postcards:

1922 Any More for the Bus?

1922 Beaver.

1922 Bonzo Swims the Channel.

1922 Bonzo's Hymn of Hate

1922 Carry Your Tail, My Lord

1922 Fred the Ball Boy.

1922 Jimmy Wild.

1922 Just a line /
Bin ich ein Fisch? (Am I a Fish?) 

1922 Lost Ball.

1922 Missed.

1922 Rabbits, I Believe?

1922 Such Stuff as Dreams are made of.

1922 The Road Hog.

1922 The Way of an Eagle.

1922 Tip and Run.

1923 His Mistress's Vice.

1923 Somewhere the Sun is Shining.

1923 We've been Painting the Town Red.

1924 A Soft Drink.

1924 The Beggars Opera.

1924 To be Shingled or not to Shingle, that is the question.

1926 Every Dog has his Day!

1926 I'm missing you dreadfully.