Tuesday 2 April 2013

Vincent van Gogh - watercolours

Vincent van Gogh produced nearly 150 watercolours during his life. His watercolours were often used as field studies for their larger oil counterparts.  At the age of 28 Vincent wrote the following in a letter to his brother Theo in December 1888:

"I came away from him with some painted studies and a few watercolours. They are not masterpieces, of course, yet I really believe that there is some soundness and truth in them, more at any rate than what I've done up to now. And so I reckon that I am now at the beginning of the beginning of doing something serious. And because I can now call on a couple of technical resources, that is to say, paint and brush, everything seems fresh again, as it were."

In the same letter he wrote:

"I wish you could see the two watercolours I have brought back with me, for you would realize that they are watercolours just like any other watercolours. They may still be full of imperfections, que soit, I am the first to say that I am still very dissatisfied with them, and yet they are quite different from what I have done before and look fresher and brighter. That doesn't alter the fact, however, that they must get fresher and brighter still, but one can't do everything one wants just like that. It will come little by little."

1879 Coal mine in the Borinage 
pencil and watercolour

1881 Boy Cutting Grass with a Sickle 
watercolour 47 x 61 cm

1881 Digger 
charcoal, black and green chalk, watercolour

1881 Peasant Sitting by the Fireplace ( Worn Out ) 
pen and ink, watercolour

1881 Scheveningen Woman Sewing 

1881 Woman Mending Stockings 
black chalk and watercolour

1881 Scheveningen Woman 
pencil and watercolour

1881 Young Scheveningen Woman Knitting 
watercolour and gouache on paper

1882 Iron Mill in The Hague 

1882 Four People on a Bench 
pen and ink, watercolour

1882 Fish-Drying Barn 

1882 Miners in the Snow, Winter 
pen and ink, watercolour

1882 Orchard in Blossom with Two Figures, Spring 
pen and ink, watercolour

1882 Pollard Willow 
watercolour 36 x 56.5 cm

1882 Rooftops 
watercolour and white 39 x 55 cm

1882 The State Lottery Office 
watercolour 38 x 57 cm

1882 Scheveningen Women and Other People Under Umbrellas 

1882 View of The Hague with the New Church 
pen and ink, watercolour

1882 Woman Miners Carrying Coal 
watercolour and white on paper

1882 Waiting Room 

1882 Woman with Baby on her Lap, Half-Figure 
pencil, watercolour and white oil

1882 Woman with White Shawl in a Wood 

1883 Landscape at Nightfall 
watercolour 41.7 x 54.1 cm

1883 View from the Window of Vincent's Studio in Winter 
watercolour 39 x 58 cm

1883 Drawbridge in Nieuw-Amsterdam 
watercolour 38.5 x 81 cm

1883 The Public Soup Kitchen 
pencil, black chalk watercolour

1885 The Parsonage Garden at Nuenen with Pond and Figures 
watercolour 38 x 49 cm

1885 Sunday in Eindhoven 
pen and ink, watercolour

1885 Sale of Building Scrap 
black chalk and watercolour

1885 Woman by a Hearth 
black chalk and watercolour

1887 Path in Montmartre with Sunflowers 
pencil, pen and ink, watercolour 31.6 x 24.1 cm

1887 Ramparts of Paris 
pencil, black chalk, gouache, watercolour

1887 Outskirts of Paris near Montmartre 
pencil, pen and ink, pastel, gouache, watercolour

1887 Street with People Walking and a Horse-car near the Ramparts of Paris 
pencil, pen and ink, watercolour 24.1 x 31.6 cm

1887 The Entrance of a Belvedere 

1887 Road Running Beside the Paris Ramparts 
watercolour and white

1888 Alphonse Daudet's Mill in Fontevieille 
watercolour 30 x 50 cm

1888 Breton Women 
watercolour 60 x 73.7 cm

1888 Pink Peach Trees 
charcoal and watercolour

1888 The Langlois Bridge at Arles 

1888 The Night Cafe in Arles 
watercolour 44.4 x 63.2 cm

1889 Corridor in Saint-Paul Hospital 
black chalk and gouache 61 x 47.5 cm

1889 Flowering Shrubs 

1889 Flowering Shrubs 

1889 The Vestibule of the Asylum 
black chalk and gouache 61.6 x 47.1 cm

1889 Stone Steps in the Garden of the Asylum 
pencil, black chalk, ink and watercolour 63.1 x 45.6 cm

1889 Trees in the Garden of the Asylum 
watercolour 46.5 x 61.5 cm

1889 Window of Vincent's Studio at the Asylum 
black chalk and gouache 62 x 47.6 cm

1890 Old Vineyard with Peasant Woman 
pencil and watercolour

1890 The Oise at Auvers 
pencil, gouache and diluted oil on paper 48 x 63 cm

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