Thursday 20 February 2014

Citrus Fruit Crate Labels - part 2

Part 2 of citrus fruit crate labels from the USA, spanning the early 1900's to the 1930's. These colourful illustrated labels were printed by lithography and were designed to be attached to the ends of wooden fruit crates. They usually identified the manufacturer, the type, class and origin of the fruit. Some were generic - overprinted by different companies or brands.

This is part 2 of a 5-part post on Citrus Fruit Crate Labels (1900's - 1930's) :

1900s Home of Ramona Brand Citrus

1900s Setter Brand Oranges

1910s Indian-Hill Washington Navel Oranges

1910s Rising Sun Oranges

1910s Shasta Brand Fancy Navel Oranges

1910s Stewart Monogram Brand Oranges

1910s Wheeler's Choice Oranges

1920 Buddy Brand Grapefruit

1920s Albion Brand Oranges

1920s Ana Co Brand Valencia Oranges

1920s Avenue Brand Citrus

1920s Belt Brand Oranges

1920s Bouquet Brand Citrus

1920s Boyhood Brand Grapefruit

1920s Bull Dog Brand Citrus

1920s Casa Blanca Brand Oranges

An example of the above generic image being reversed and over-printed for a different brand some years later:

1930s Holsum Oranges

1920s Cerrito Oranges

1920s Cream Brand Oranges

1920s Demarco Brand Citrus

1920s Etiwanda Crest Oranges

1920s Golden Trout Brand Citrus

1920s Golden West Brand Citrus

1920s Indian Belle Brand Seedless Grapefruit

1920s Jumbo Brand Citrus

1920s Mercury Brand Oranges

1920s Mineral King Brand Citrus

1920s Mission Bridge Brand Citrus

1920s Redskin Brand Oranges

1920s Reindeer Brand Oranges

1920s Searchlight Brand Valencia Oranges

1920s Vandalia Brand Oranges

1920s Yokohl Brand Oranges

1920s Yucca Brand Oranges

1927 Bridal Veil Brand Valencia Oranges

1927 El Camino Oranges

1928 National Orange Company Grapefruit

1930s Alphabetical Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Arden Villa Extra Fancy Valencia Oranges

1930s Atlas Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Bear Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Bird Rocks Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Black Hawk Brand Navel Oranges

1930s Blue Circle Oranges

1930s Bronco Brand Citrus

1930s Brownies Brand Oranges

1930s Cal-Oro Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Carro Amano Oranges

1930s Corona Crown Brand Oranges

1930s Cupid Brand Valencia Oranges

1930s Cycle Brand Citrus