Saturday 28 December 2013

Edmund Dulac - part 6

Edmund Dulac (1882 – 1953) was a French magazine illustrator, book illustrator and stamp designer. For full biographical notes on Dulac see part 1. For earlier works see parts 1 - 5 also.

This is part 6 of a 7-part post on the works of Edmund Dulac:

1918 Tanglewood Talesby Nathaniel Hawthorne:

Front Cover


Jason appointed Tiphys to be helmsman because he was a star-gazer.

She shook her hands over the multitude below.

Just as Theseus was going on board his father bethought himself of one last word to say.

'Then follow me,' said Ariadne

So now the battle was ended.

He scampered across the sand and plunged right in among the foaming billows.

They were constantly at war with the Cranes.

Drawing his sword he rushed at the monster.

Yet it was not so sweet as the song of the Syrens.

They made haste to wallow down on all fours.

On went the chariot, and King Pluto seemed greatly pleased to find himself once more in his own kingdom.

But neither could Pan tell her what had become of Proserpina.

The good Chiron taught his pupils how to play upon the harp.

He caught one of them by the horn and the other by his screwed-up tail.

1920 The Kingdom of the Pearl:

Front Cover

Birth of the Pearl

The Pearl of Love

The Pearl of the Bamboo

The Pearl of the Boar

05 The Pearl of the Cloud

The Pearl of the Elephant

The Pearl of the Fish

The Pearl of the Serpent

The Pearl of the Warrior

The Talisman Pearl

1921 Four Plays for Dancers by W. B. Yeats:

Front Cover

The Guardian of the Well in "At the Hawk's Well."

Design for Black Cloth used in "At the Hawk's Well."

Musician in "At the Hawk's Well."

Old Man in "At the Hawk's Well."

Young Man in "At the Hawk's Well."

1926 Scenes from Biblical History:

David and Goliath

Moses in the Bulrushes

The Birth of Eve

The Death of Samson

The Fall of Jericho

The Flood

The Judgement of Solomon

1927 Treasure Island:

Front Cover

Title Page


Black Dog disappears

Pew's death


Apple Barrel

Man of the Island

Boat's last trip

The attack

Boarding Hispaniola

Hand's death

Black Spot again

Flint's pointer

1928 The Tower by W. B. Yeats first edition cover:

1933 Cover of American Weekly 'Myths the Ancients Believed - Glaucus and Scylla':