Saturday 15 January 2011

Gauguin in France

Thought I'd take a break from the run of Antony Gormley posts (I will put one up next week on his Angel of the North) to mark the end this weekend of the big Gauguin exhibition at Tate Modern, London. Today I'm simply having a look at some of his work with French subject matter. Tomorrow I'm taking a look at his more famous Polynesian work along with biographical material about his time in Polynesia.

 At the Cafe 1888

 Blue Trees 1888

 Breton Girls Dancing, Pont-Aven 1888

 The Vision after the Sermon 1888

Les Alycamps, Arles 1888

The Swineherd, Brittany 1888

Washerwomen, Arles 1888

Grape Harvest in Arles 1888

Haymaking in Brittany 1888

La Belle Angele 1889

 The Yellow Christ 1889

Haystacks in Brittany 1890

Paysannes Bretonnes 1894

Moulin David, Brittany 1894

Landscape, Arles