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Dutch Posters 1875-1935 - part 1

The Dutch have been producing quite high quality advertising posters from about the 1870s to the present day. I've managed to source so many that I will post these in two series: Posters from 1875 to 1935, and at a later date a series of posters from 1875 to 1987. Individual artists biographical notes given where found.

This is part 1 of 7 parts on Dutch Posters 1875-1935:

1875-1900 J.C. Boldoot, Eau de Cologne Parfumerie, Amsterdam
Artist: Henri Privat-Livemont

Henri Privat-Livemont (1861–1936) was born in Scharbeek, Brussels, Belgium. He is best known for his Art Nouveau posters. From 1883 to 1889, he worked and studied in the studios of Lemaire, Lavastre & Duvignaud. He, with Lemaire, created the decor of the Theatre Français as well as the Hôtel de Ville, Paris. He later moved back to Brussels, and worked on theatres and casinos there. In 1897, he worked on the poster for the 1897 Brussels International Exposition:

1897 Brussels International Exhibition
poster by Henri Privat-Livemont

1875-1900 Jeugd

1890-1900 Gebrs. Dobbelman

1892 Int. Sport-Visscherij- en Paarden tentoonstelling Scheveningen
poster by Otto Eerelman

Otto Eerelman (1839 Groningen - 1926, Groningen) was a Dutch painter; best known for his depictions of horses and dogs. He was also a Court Painter and did several portraits of Wilhelmina, as Princess and Queen:

Portrait of QueenWilhelmina by Otto Eerelmam

1893 Verloting van schilderijen, aquarellen, enz.

1895-1900 Cacao pur Blooker

1895-1900 Panorama Nova Zembla

1895-1905 Van Nelles Koffie

1895-1905 Vraagt de alom bekend Coelingh's wereldberoemde Deventerkoek

1895-1910 Van Houten’s Cacao Bester - im Gebrauch Billigster

1895-1910 Van Houtens Cacao

1896 "Tabak" Louis Dobbelmann. Rotterdam

1897 Nationale Tentoonstelling van Nijverheid & Kunst

1897 Wilhelmina Cycle & Co. Ltd. Zeist-Holland

1897-98 Cacao Van Houten
Artist: Henri Privat-Livemont

1897-1900 "Holland" Levens-verzekering Mij.

1898 Eigen Haard
Artist: Wijnand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp

Wijnand Otto Jan Nieuwenkamp (1874-1950) was a multifaceted artist: a graphic artist, painter, architect, boat builder, writer, explorer, art collector and ethnographer, who around 1900 he still occupies a special place among artists of the 1900s.

Nieuwenkamp’s journeys provided the inspiration for his works. Before 1897 he travelled around the Netherlands and Europe. Later he went to the Malay Archipelago and took part in a number of expeditions lasting several years. He visited Bali six times and stayed there many years. In 1898 he built a beautiful houseboat, named De Zwerver which took him and his family right across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In 1910 he finally settled in Edam, only to leave again for Italy in 1920 where they were to stay until his death.

1898-99 10 Rijwielen
Artist: P van Geldorp

Petrus van Geldorp was a Dutch painter, etcher and illustrator.

1899 Te Deventer verschijnt Het Nieuwe Dagblad voor Overijsel en Gelderland

1900 Cacao Blooker

1900 Chemin de fer l'Etat Neerlandais Les Pays Bas
Artist H. Gray ( Henri Boulanger )

Henri Boulanger aka Henri Gray was a French illustrator and poster artist.

1900 Delftsche Slaolie

1900 Eris Niet Fyner dan Thuerès Thee

1900-10 Cacao en Chocolaad

1900-10 Chemin de fer Hollandais

1900-10 Ecla!

1900-10 Ja ! de beste dus:
Wolber Banden

1900-10 Van Rijn's mosterd. Utrecht

1900-25 "Je" 2 1/2 cts Sigaar

1900-25 11 Amst. Coöp. Keuken

1900-25 A.J.P.'s Kerst Pudding

1900-25 Adler Schrijfmachine

1900-25 Adoro Te

1900-25 Aha! Nigrin

1900-25 Aroma Vervangt Koffie
Artist: Charles Verschuuren

Charles Verschuuren Sr. was born in Tilburg in 1891. Already at the age of sixteen he became a cartoonist for a local periodical. In 1914 he completed a five year course at the National Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam and went to Paris to continue his studies. However, after the outbreak of World War I in the same year, he returned to Holland and started to make commercial posters and theatrical bills which were edited by the firm of Kotting in Amsterdam. In 1923 he went to the United States where he worked during the next twelve years for the New York paper the Brooklyn Daily Eagle for which he designed the covers for the Sunday Magazine section. In the 1930s he took up oil painting. These paintings of expressionist taste were exhibited widely and were well received. When, in 1936, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle got folded because of the depression, Verschuuren started to work as a free-lance artist. From the early 1940s until his death in 1955 he worked as a film strip artist for the United States Air Force and the Army Signal Corps.

1900-25 Asra

1900-25 Asra

1900-25 Asra

1900-25 B.A.SAS. Electro-Techniker

1900-25 Bagoes Sari Thee

1900-25 De "Swan" Vul-penhouder

1900-25 Daan Hoeksema's Platen
Artist: Daan ( aka Daniël ) Hoeksema

1900-25 Circus Rausch Delft

1900-25 Chocoladefabriek "Para"
Artist: Lambert Jansen

Lambert Jansen (1891-1965) studied at Riiksacademie Amsterdam work professor Derkinderen. He got several assignments for wall paintings in Dutch military barracks. Member of Arti et Amicitiae and St, Lucas I Amserdam. He was known as fine art painter of Landscapes and Still Lifes.

1900-25 Centraal Meubelmagazijn "Duinoord"

1900-25 Casino
Artist: Charles Verschuuren

1900-25 Cartonnage Meÿer & Couvée, Amsterdam

1900-25 Cabaret-artistique Scheveningen

1900-25 Burgers E.N.R.

1900-25 Bols Half om Half

1900-25 Bloemententoonstelling Aalsmeer

1913-1916 Artist Willy Sluiter:

Willy Sluiter (1873-1949) created portraits, beach scenes, political cartoons, book covers and posters. Raised in the village of Zwijndrecht and trained at the art academies of Rotterdam and The Hague, he lived in fishermen's villages and artists' colonies such as Scheveningen, Katwijk, Volendam and Laren. 

His subjects ranged from the simple life of fishermen to fashionable city life. In higher circles he was a popular portrait painter. Sluiter was inspired by the French post-impressionists and the posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Sluiter managed to pair these artistic influences with a great sense of humour, resulting in striking cartoons and fashionable posters.

1913 De Hollandsche Revue by Willy Sluiter

1914 Naar Marseille en de Riviera by Willy Sluiter

1914 Reist Naar Het Zeestrand per Hysm by Willy Sluiter

1916 Gouda fietskaarsen by Willy Sluiter

n.d. Bakker en Zoon by Willy Sluiter

n.d. Riviera en Lloyd Express by Willy Sluiter

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