Friday 16 September 2011

Edgar Degas - part 3

c1857-8 Self-Portrait in a Soft Hat

This is part 3 of a 3-part post on the works of Edgar Degas. Parts 1 and 2 take a look at his numerous ballet subjects (see part 1 also for biographical notes). Part 3 is a look at a broader spectrum of his work. I think that what all these works have in common is that they show what a superb draughtsman Degas was.

Actually I've now decided that this three-part post will eventually become a four-parter - Degas did a big series of works - studies of nudes, called "After the Bath", and given the popularity of these posts on Degas, I will post that shortly, after a look at someone else.
I'm sorry I don't have all the dates for these pieces.

c1858-67 Portrait of the Bellelli Family

1866 The Amateur

1872 Alice Villette

1873 Cotton Merchants in New Orleans

c1874-5 Elena Carafa

1875 Place de la Concorde

c1875-77 At the Café-Concert, The Song of the Dog

1876 L'Absinthe

c1876-78 Portrait of Miss Cassatt Seated, Holding Cards

c1877-80 At the Races

c1878-9 Dancer in her Dressing Room

1881 At the Milliner's

1885 Three Women at the Races

1886 Combing Hair

1886 The Jewells

1887 At the Café

c1892-95 Combing Hair

c1900 Three Jockeys

At the Milliner's


Before the Races

Bust of a Woman

Combing Hair