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World War 2 Propaganda Posters – part 6

During World War 2, and for a period beyond, the Allies generated propaganda to influence the population towards support for the war effort. A wide range of media was employed aimed at local and overseas audiences. Traditional forms of media such as newspapers and posters were joined by new media, including cinema (film), newsreels, and radio. A wide range of themes were addressed, fostering hostility to towards the enemy, support for the allies, and specific pro-war projects such as conserving metal, waste, and growing vegetables.

For more information see part 1. For other works see parts 1 - 5 also.

This is part 6 of a 9 - part post on World War 2 propaganda posters:

Notre Force, La Voilà! 
L'Agriculture ( Canada )

Air Raid Wardens Wanted 
And They are Wanted Now ( UK )

Al Doria
Careless Talk Costs Lives ( USA )

Be Like Dad - Keep Mum! 
Careless Talk Costs Lives! ( UK )

 1943 Harry Martin Anderson
Americans Suffer When Careless Talk Kills!  ( USA )

An Enemy Ear May Be Near - 
Stop All Loose Talk To Strangers! ( USA )

Are You Playing Square?

Avenge Pearl Harbor
Our Bullets Will Do It ( USA )

Do Your Part In Silence ( Canada )

Bits Of Careless Talk 
Are Pieced Together By The Enemy

Beat 'Firebomb Fritz'
Britain Shall Not Burn ( UK )

Broken Tools 
Slow Production ( USA )

Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them
Buy War Bonds ( USA )

C. X. R. Miller
Teamwork Among All Nationalities ( USA )

C. X. R. Miller
Turn D-Day into V-Day Faster 
By Keeping On The Job! ( USA )

Careless Talk Costs Lives ( UK )

Cive Uptton
For A Healthy, Happy Job 
Join the Women's Land Army ( UK )

Come-on Buddy
It's Your Fight Too! 
Turn Out More Guns And Ammunition ( USA )

"Daddy Helps Build Them" 
To Protect Our Freedom ( Canada )

Designed For Living
Take Care Of Your Gas Mask ( USA )

Dick Williams
Of Course I Can! ( USA )

Dig For Victory ( UK )

Dig For Victory
Grow Your Own Vegetables ( UK )

Dig For Victory ( UK )

Dig On For Victory ( UK )

Don't Be A Bottleneck
Beat The Promise ( USA )

Don't Be A Sucker! 
Keep Your Mouth Shut ( USA )

Don't Fall For Enemy Propaganda ( USA )

Don't Gossip ( Canada )

Don't Gossip ( Canada )

Don't Keep A Diary ( UK )

Don't Let Idle Cylinders Jam Production
Keep 'Em Rolling! ( USA )

Don't Throw It
Use It! ( USA )

Don't Transfer Now! 
Stick To Your Job ( USA )

Work On A Farm This Summer ( USA )

Join The U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps ( USA )

Eileen Evans
Staggered Holidays For Comfort ( UK )

( Come On Guys... 
The Army Is Waiting For You! ) ( Canada )

They Asked For It… Give It To 'Em ( USA )

Find Your war Job ( USA )

For Gunpowder
Save Waste Fats ( USA )

P. Webb
A Work Belittler Helps Hitler ( USA )

P. Webb
Bonds Buy Tanks For Yanks ( USA )

P. Webb 
Carelessness Is Costly ( USA )

P. Webb
Don't Kill Time ( USA )

P. Webb
Let Nothing Keep You Off The Job ( USA )

P. Webb
Produce More For Victory ( USA )

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