Friday, 2 September 2011

Frank Stella - part 3

This is part 3 of a three-part post on the works of American artist Frank Stella. It covers the period 1988 - 2009:

1988 Yellow Journal

1989 Bene Come il Sale

1989 The Waves - Hyena

1993 The Affidavit

1994 Figlefia

1994 Spectralia 

1995 Atvatbar 
mixed media

1995 Egyplosis I 
mixed media

1995 Plutusia 
mixed media

1996 Karathenburg III (study) 
printed paper collage

1997 Coxuria 

1997 Juam

1999 Michael Kohlhaas panel #2 
mixed media collage

1999 Stanz

2000 Aby Hureyra #3

2000 Michael Kohlhaas #3 
acrylic on canvas

2000 Michael Kohlhaas #6 
acrylic on canvas

2001 Hacilar aceramica 
epoxy and spray paint on cast aluminium

2002 Arpachiyah mixed media sculpture


  1. I was very aware of FS's 1960's and early 70's work, but had not kept up with his recent stuff. You've opened my eyes; I'm quite surprised!

    Greetings from S France.

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  3. Outstanding Blog....
    Checking it out little by little and it´s amazing!!!
    I´d love to see Matisse, Alberto Giacometti, Bacon, and brilliant south american painters Ary Brizzi and Manbu Mabe.
    Congratulanios for this truly excellent bog and Please don´t Stop!!


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