Friday, 25 November 2011

William Merritt Chase - part 2

1884 Self-Portrait 
pastel 44 x 34 cm

This is part 2 of a 3-part post on the life and works of American artist William Merritt Chase. For biographical notes and for earlier works by Chase see part 1 also.

c1888 The Blue Kimono (Girl in Blue Kimono) 
oil on canvas 145 x 112 cm

c1889 Spring Flowers (Peonies) 
pastel on paper 122 x 122 cm

1890 A Bit of the Terrace aka Early Morning Stroll 
oil on canvas 53 x 62 cm

1890 Girl in a Japanese Costume 
oil 63 x 41 cm

1892 Alice

1892 Hall at Shinnecock 
pastel on canvas 82 x 104 cm

1892 The Fairy Tale 
oil on canvas 42 x 61 cm

c1892-3 In the Studio 
pastel 56 x 71 cm

c1892 At the Seaside 
oil on canvas  51 x 86 cm

c1892 Lydia Field Emmet 
oil on canvas

1893 Reflections 
oil on canvas 63 x 46

c1893 The Old Road to the Sea 
oil on canvas 101 x 127 cm

1894 Idle Hours

1894 Wind-Swept Sands

1895 A Friendly Call 
oil on canvas 76 x 122 cm

c1895 Harbour Scene 
oil on canvas 106 x 120 cm

c1895 Portrait of Artist's Daughter 
oil on canvas 82 x 65 cm

c1895 Portrait of My Daughter Alice 
oil on canvas 183 x 121 cm

c1895 Seventeenth Century Lady 
oil on canvas 93 x 60 cm

c1895 The Bayberry Bush 
oil on canvas 64 x 84 cm

c1896 For the Little One 
oil on canvas 102 x 90 cm

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