Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Ivan Shishkin - part 2

Portrait of Ivan Shiskin by Ivan Kramskoy 1873 
oil on canvas 110 x 78 cm

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832 – 1898) was a Russian landscape painter closely associated with the Peredvizhniki movement. Peredvizhniki, often called The Wanderers or The Itinerants in English, were a group of Russian realist artists who in protest at academic restrictions formed an artists' cooperative; it evolved into the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions in 1870.

For biographical notes on Shishkin, and for earlier works, see part 1.

Parts 1-4 feature his paintings, part 5 his drawings. Unfortunately I couldn't find the medium or sizes for many of these works, though I believe they are all oil on canvas.

This is part 2 of a 5-part post on the works of Ivan Shishkin:   

1872 Landscape with a Woman 
oil on canvas

1872 Pine Forest in Vyatka Province

1873 Coniferous Forest 
oil on canvas

1874 Covert

1874 Forest Landscape

1874 Twilight, after Sunset 
oil on canvas

1875 Birch Grove

1875 Evening in a Pine Forest

1875 First Snow

1876 Autumn Forest

1878 Birch Grove

1878 Birch and Mountain Ash

1878 Pine Forest

1878 The Field of Wheat 
oil on canvas 107 x 187 cm

1879 Edge of the Forest

1879 Mountain Path, Crimea

1879 Rocky Shore

1880 Path through the Woods 
oil on canvas 59 x 48 cm

1880 Wind-fallen Trees

1881 Pond

1881 Thickets 
oil on canvas 142 x 93 cm

1883 In the Birch Tree Forest

1883 In the Open Valley

1883 Twilight

1884 Before a Thunderstorm 
oil on canvas 110 x 150 cm

1884 Corner of Overgrown Garden, Goutweed Grass

1884 Edge of the Forest

1884 Fir Forest in Winter

1884 Gathering Storm

1884 Pine Forest

1885 Coast of Oak Grove of Peter the Great in Sestroretsk

1885 Foggy Morning 
oil on canvas 108 x 145 cm

1885 Forest


  1. Incredible work here. He seemed really ahead of his time - some of his work looks like photo realism. It's truly avant garde. I love it. You posted so many wonderful images. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. What stunning works and such skill is eye-popping. Thank you so much for posting these.


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