Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Ludwig Hohlwein - part 5

Ludwig Hohlwein (1874 - 1949) born in Wiesbaden, Berchtesgaden in 1874 was a German poster artist. He was trained and practiced as an architect until 1906 when he switched to poster design.

For more biographical notes see part 1. For other works by Hohlwein, see parts 1 - 4 also.

This is part 5 of a 5-part post on the works of Ludwig Hohlwein:

Sheet Music 'Kussi Kussi'


Spaten-Bräu beer, Munich

Sprengel Chocolate

Spring in Wiesbaden

Stuart Webbs - German Film Poster

Stuart Webbs - The Camera Obscura

Sulima Cigarettes

Summer in Germany

Tattersall University


Teutonenbräu beer

The Bodensee

The Flask - Hanft's Original

The Good Tight Cigar and Cigarette

The Indian Tomb

The Miracle

The Mountain City

The Offset Printing Fachmann Selects

The Reliable RTS Double Head Receiver

The Vicar of Kirchfeld

The Week - Animals as Builders

The Week - India of Today

The Western Front film poster

The World Conquerer film poster

Ticket Agency

Torpedo Small Typewriters

Travel Clothing

Trix and Alomino Cigars

Turf book cover

Umbrella poster

Upper Country Hats

Victoria Motorcycles

Warrior's Home Sites in Wurttemberg

Wolff and Co. shotgun cartridges

World Congress for Leisure and Recreation

Wulco Chick Feed

Wulco Poultry Feed


Yoigsländer Hunting Riflescopes

Zeiss Riflescopes and Hunting Glasses

Zündapp Motorcycles for Everyone

Note: I do not have titles for the remaining posters, and my German wasn't up to translating the meaning.


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