Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Citrus Fruit Crate Labels - part 4

Part 4 of citrus fruit crate labels from the USA, from the 1940's. These colourful illustrated labels were printed by lithography and were designed to be attached to the ends of wooden fruit crates. They usually identified the manufacturer, the type, class and origin of the fruit. Some were generic - overprinted by different companies or brands.

This is part 4 of a 5-part post on Citrus Fruit Crate Labels (1940's) :

1940s Boulevard Brand Citrus

1940s Cal-flavor Brand Oranges

1940s Caledonia Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s Camel Brand Oranges

1940s Chanticleer Brand Oranges

1940s Chinese Brand Oranges 

The above fruit crate label appears to be a re-working of an earlier design for "Marco-Polo-Tee" by German artist Ludwig Hohlwein:

1940s Clark's Brand Arizona Citrus Grapefruit

1940s Co-Ed Brand Oranges and Lemons

1940s Cock of the Walk Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s College Heights Brand Washington Navel Oranges

1940s Collegiate Brand Grapefruit

1940s Collegiate Brand Oranges and Lemons

1940s Consul Brand Oranges

1940s Corona Lily Brand Citrus

1940s Daisy Brand Oranges

1940s Desert Bloom Brand Grapefruit

1940s Dove Brand Washington Navel Oranges

1940s Dr. Forbes Tree-Ripened Seedless Grapefruit

1940s Epicure Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s Esperanza Brand Oranges

1940s Exeter Brand California Oranges

1940s Floral Brand Citrus

1940s Ful o' Juice Brand Oranges

1940s Gladiola Brand Oranges

1940s Golden Circle Brand Redlands CA Citrus

1940s Golden Quality Brand Citrus

1940s Good Cheer Brand Oranges

1940s Good Year Brand California Oranges

1940s Goody Brand Oranges

1940s Hermosa Brand Oranges

1940s Highlander Brand Oranges

1940s Highway Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s Hollywood Brand Citrus

1940s Homer Brand Oranges

1940s Honor-Bright Brand Citrus

1940s Humming Bird Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s Idyllwild Brand Washington Navel Oranges

1940s Indian Hill Brand Fancy Valencia Oranges

1940s Jasper Brand Oranges

1940s Juciful Brand Redlands Oranges

1940s Kiltie Brand Lemons

1940s King's Park Brand Citrus

1940s La Reina Oranges

1940s Laurel Brand Oranges

1940s Loch Lomond Brand Oranges

1940s Malibu Brand Valencia Oranges

1940s Manager Brand Oranges

1940s Marc Antony Brand Oranges

1940s Miracle Brand Oranges

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