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Autochromes - part 2

The Autochrome Lumière is an early colour photography process. Patented in 1903 by Lumière brothers in France and first marketed in 1907, it was the principal colour photography process in use before the advent of subtractive colour film in the mid-1930s.

This is part 2 of a 3-part series on Autochromes. For more information about Autochromes, and for more images, see part 1 also.

Belgian Autochromes:

My thanks go Florent Van Hoof for allowing me to reproduce some of the wonderful Autochrome images from his splendid collection of Belgian Autochromists. If you are interested in Autochromes or would like to know more about Belgian Autochromes, please visit Florent’s collection at his website

Alfonse Van Besten (1865 – 1926)

Van Besten was a painter and took full advantage of the possibilities of the new colour process, taken with a “painterly eye.”

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Ancient Times
Collection of Florent Van Hoof 

1911c Alfonse Van Besten, Civic and Military Garb

1913c Alfonse Van Besten, Dahlias

1913c Alfonse Van Besten, Fragility

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Groupe Antique Composition

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Innocence

1911 Alfonse Van Besten, Lanciers Armée Belge

1913 Alfonse Van Besten, Ma Femme ( Mrs. A. Van Besten )

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Maiden with Butterfly on Flower

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Modesty

1910c Alfonse Van Besten, Musing ( Mrs. A. Van Besten )

1913 Alfonse Van Besten, Purity

1913c Alfonse Van Besten, Still Life with Brown Fruit

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Two Girls Picking Cornflowers

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Washing and Bleaching

1912c Alfonse Van Besten, Young Girl Amidst Marguerites

Charles Corbet (1868 – 1936)
Charles Corbet was an accountant – all his autochromes were taken between 1909 and 1914.

1910c Charles Corbet, Dahlias

1910c Charles Corbet, Girl Embracing Woman

1910c Charles Corbet, Girl with Gun

1910c Charles Corbet, Still life with Carnations and Poppies

1910c Charles Corbet, Still Life with Decanter and Hat

1010c Charles Corbet, Still Life with Statuette and Carnations

1910c Charles Corbet, Still life with Vase and Flowers

1910c Charles Corbet, Still Life with Vase and Roses

1910c Charles Corbet, View of Montjoie / Monschau

1910c Charles Corbet, Woman and Girl by a Brook

Ernest van Zuylen (1886 – 1957) 
Ernest van Zuylen took up photography from a young age, but it wasn’t until 1915 – 18, when staying in Holland, that he made many autochromes.

1917c Ernest van Zuylen, Still Life with Roses and Decorative Platter

George Gilon (1873 – 1928)
George Gilon was a wool-trader at Verviers in Belgium. He was a passionate photographer and gifted wood-worker.

1913 Georges Gilon, Bouquet with Roses and Gladioli

1913c Georges Gilon, Family Portrait at Roanny, Belgium

1913c Georges Gilon, Portrait of Jeanne Nokin

1913c Georges Gilon, Red and White Begonias

Paul Sano (1874 – 1960) 

Paul Sano was a General Practitioner in Antwerp, Belgium. His interest lay in exploring the limits of the autochrome process, creating collages, multiple exposures, and micro-photography.

1912c Paul Sano, Double Portrait of Mrs. Corbet

1920c Paul Sano, Girl and Cockatoo

1910c Paul Sano, Mr and Mrs Cobet having Afternoon Tea

1910c Paul Sano, Portrait of a Lady ( Mrs C, Corbet )

1914c Paul Sano, Return from the Styx

1920c Paul Sano, Study in Green and Pink

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