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World War 2 Propaganda Posters – part 9

During World War 2, and for a period beyond, the Allies generated propaganda to influence the population towards support for the war effort. A wide range of media was employed aimed at local and overseas audiences. Traditional forms of media such as newspapers and posters were joined by new media, including cinema (film), newsreels, and radio. A wide range of themes were addressed, fostering hostility to towards the enemy, support for the allies, and specific pro-war projects such as conserving metal, waste, and growing vegetables.

For more information see part 1. For other works see parts 1 - 8 also.

This is part 9 of a 9 - part post on World War 2 propaganda posters:

Simple Sam 
The wasting fool... ( USA )

Sink a Sub 
from your farm
Bring in your SCRAP ( USA )

So that the flow doesn't stop! ( Canada )

Somebody Talked ( USA )

Stamp 'em out! 
Beat your promise ( USA )

Stand Firm! ( UK )

Starve him with 
Silence ( USA )

Stop Loose Talk - Rumors ( USA )

loose talk to strangers ( UK )

Be Ready ( Canada )

They're smashing them up...
with MY ship! ( Canada )

Tell Nobody -
 not even Her ( USA )

The attack 
begins in the factory ( UK )

The enemy laughs 
when you loaf ( USA )

The enemy listens
Your words are his weapons ( New Zealand )

The sun is rising in the West
Stop the Japanese encroachment

There's a gap in the line 
when you're absent
Stay on the job! ( USA )

This plant is operating on war time
Make every minute count ( USA )

Time is short
Every minute counts ( USA )

Together ( UK )

Together we can do it! 
Keep 'em firing! ( USA )

Together we shall strangle Hitlerism ( UK )

Together we shall strangle Hitlerism ( UK )

Too little 
Too late… ( USA )

Tools are Scarce 
Treat 'em Right! ( USA )

Big guns of the home front
Action stations Everyone ( Canada )

Your Scrap 
... brought it down ( USA )

Turn that gas down ( UK )

U.S. needs us strong
Eat nutritional food ( USA )

Unite ( UK )

United we stand
Divided we fall
Beat the promise ( USA )

Unity brings Victory ( UK )

Unless we can divide those two fellows - 
we're sunk! ( UK )

Magazines for our fighting men ( Canada )

War Savings Certificates

We beat 'em before... 
We'll beat 'em again! ( UK )

We want Rags 
for Vital war needs ( Canada )

Don't waste good food! ( USA )

When? It's up to you! ( Canada )

Reinforcements are coming up ( UK )

William F. Moore
Reveille for workers
Taps for Japs ( USA )

Let's Go -
Wings for Victory ( UK )

Women of Britain
Come into the factories ( UK )

Women Wanted 
as Ambulance Drivers ( UK )

Women's Land Army ( UK )

Your Victory Garden 
counts more than ever! ( USA )

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