Monday, 16 May 2016

Automotive Art - part 5

This series features automotive art and illustration beginning in the 1880s, in the very early days of motoring, through to the mid-1960s. Mainly in poster form, that either advertised motor cars and car-related products, or promoted motor-racing events like Grand Prix.

It features many famous and iconic brands, as well as some that have fallen by the wayside.

This is part 5 of an 8-part series on automotive art:

1929 Chrysler
illustrated by Otto Ernst

1929 Grand Prix Automobile, Dijon, France

1929 Grand Prix du Cap D'Antibes
illustrated by Alexis Kow

1929 Salon de L'Automobile et du Cycle
illustrated by Giuseppe Maganoli

c1929 Dunlop Tyres (Malcolm Cambell's Bluebird)

1930 Autorimessa Vittoria, Italy
illustrated by Piquillo

1930 Buchet Billancourt, France

1930 Bugatti
illustrated by René Vincent

1930 Chrysler

1930 Courses Automobiles d'Oran, France
ilustrated by Georges Mattei

1930 Donnet, France

1930 Donnet, France
illustrated by Atelier A.B. (Alexey Vyacheslavovich Brodovitch)

1930 Laffly, France
illustrated by Roggero

1930 Monaco Grand Prix
illustrated by Robert Falcucci

1930 Monte Carlo Rally
illustrated by Robert Falcucci (in 1929)

1930 Oakland Eight

1930 Pontiac

1930 Swiss Automobile Show

1930 Willys-Knight, Toledo, Ohio

1930s Atlantic Gasoline 'Speed'
illustrated by McClelland Barclay

1930s Atlantic Gasoline 'Stamina'
illustrated by McClelland Barclay

1930s BMW

1930s Brooklands 500 Mile Race, UK
illustrated by Roy Nockolds

1930s Brooklands 1000 Mile Race, UK

1930s Brooklands Road Racing, UK

c 1930s Dunlop Tyres, UK

c 1930s Dunlop Tyres, UK

1930s Cadillac

1930s Chevrolet Six

1930s Continental Tyres

1930s Humber Snipe 80
illustrated by Shrimpton

1930s Morris Major '6'
illustrated by 'CWB'

1930s Oldsmobile Six
illustrated by Jan Lavies

1930s Opel, Germany
illustrated by Ernst Zoberbier

1930s Vauxhall Cadet, UK

c 1930s Pratts High Test Petrol

1931 Wagram Auto, France
illustrated by Robert Falcucci

1931 Buick
illustrated by Sterne Stevens

1931 C4 IX Citroen, France

1931 Ca-bloc, France
illustrated by Leonetto Cappiello

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