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Maritime Posters - part 4

This series features maritime or nautical posters from between the 1880s to the 1950s, many published by the famous shipping lines of the day like Canadian Pacific, Cunard White Star, and the Orient line, many illustrated by well-known graphic artists of the day. Perhaps the most well-known is Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, whose posters from the 1930s have become collectable classics. If the name is not familiar, the posters will be.

This is part 4 of a 5 - part series on maritime posters:

1950s American Export Lines
poster by George Ponavery

1950s French Line
poster by Paul Colin (1892-1985)

1950s Holland - America Line

1951 Orient Line to Australia
poster by Abram Games

1954 P & O Passenger Services

1955 Orient Line

1955c Holiday Cruises to Orkney & Shetland.
Orkney & Shetland Shipping Co. Ltd.

1956 Empress of Britain to Europe Canadian Pacific
poster by Roger Couillard

1957 ACS Nordkapfahrt
poster by Albert Fuss

1958 American President Lines - Bangkok
Note: The remainder of posters in this series are undated, so they will appear in alphabetical order rather than by date.

Adriatica - Venice  - Greece - Istanbul

Anchor Line, Glasgow & New York
poster by Kenneth Shoesmith

Anchor Line
Gibraltar, Egypt and India

Atlantic Holiday To U.S.A. & Canada for £35

Batavier Line

Norddeutscher Lloyd Bremen
Bremen, Europa, Columbus

Buenos Aires by Royal Mail to South America

Canada and U.S.A.
by Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific Cruises
poster by Beck

Canadian Pacific
poster by P. A. Staynes

Canadian Pacific
Sail White Empress to Europe
poster by Roger Couillard

Cie. de Navigation Mixte

Compagnie Générale Transatlantique - France
French Line )

Cunard - Line
Europe America "Aquitania"
poster by Odin Rosenvinge

Cunard Boston to Europe
poster by Walter Thomas

Cunard to Boston
poster by Walter Thomas
Cunard Canadian Services

Cunard Europe to all America

Cunard Express Service
U.S.A. - Canada

Cunard Holidays
U.S.A. & Canada

Cunard L.N.E.R.

Cunard Line between New York and Liverpool

Cunard Line Etats-Unis et Canada
poster by Atelier AB

Cunard Line R.M.S. Aquitania
Europe - America

Cunard Line
Europe - America

Cunard Line
Liverpool, New York, Boston via Queenstown

Cunard Line
Liverpool. New York. Boston. Via Queenstown.

Cunard Line
Mediterranean - New York
poster by J.B. Taylor

Cunard Line
Europe - America
poster by Kenneth D. Shoesmith

Cunard Line
To All Parts of The World

Cunard Line

Cunard to Canada
poster by J.H. Dowd

U.S.A. - Canada

U.S.A. - Canada

Cunard White Star
"Queen Mary" "Queen Elizabeth"
poster by Walter Thomas

Cunard White Star
"Queen Mary" "Queen Elizabeth"

Cunard White Star Cruises
poster by William Howard Jarvis

Cunard White Star
R.M.S. "Queen Mary"

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