Friday, 3 February 2017

Maritime Posters - part 5

This series features maritime or nautical posters from between the 1880s to the 1950s, many published by the famous shipping lines of the day like Canadian Pacific, Cunard White Star, and the Orient line, many illustrated by well-known graphic artists of the day. Perhaps the most well-known is Adolphe Mouron Cassandre, whose posters from the 1930s have become collectable classics. If the name is not familiar, the posters will be.

This is part 5 of a 5 - part series on maritime posters:

London via Vlissingen - Harwich
Dutch poster by Adolphe Mouron-Cassandre

Elder-Dempster Lines
To and From West Africa

Empress of Britain
"Canada's Challenger"
Canadian Pacific

Empress of Britain in 1931

Empress of Britain
Canadian Pacific

Europe to America by United States Lines
poster by John S. Smith

French Line
Le Havre - New York

French Line
Paris. Havre. New York

Hamburg - Amerika Line
Nach New York
poster by E. Bauer

Hamburg - Amerika Line
Our Mediterranean Cruises

Hamburg - Amerika Line
poster by Bernd Steiner

Hamburg - Amerika Line
Croisières en Méditerranée
poster by Albert Fuss

Holland - America Line
New York

Holland - America Line
S.S. Statendam

Holland - America Line
S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam

"Homeward Bound"
by Canadian Pacific
poster by de Forest

Les Messageries Maritimes
Font le Tour du Monde

LMS (Railway)
Ireland via Holyhead
poster by Norman Wilkinson

LMS Express & Cunard Liner

Norddeutscher LLoyd Bremen

Orient Cruises

Panama Pacific Line
poster by Lee Wulff

Red Star Line
Antwerpen - New York

Rex & Conte di Savola
"Italian LIne"

Royal Mail Line
South America
poster by Kenneth D. Shoesmith

Royal Mail Line to Norway

Royal Mail Line to South America

Royal Mail Steam Packet to South America
poster by Kenneth Shoesmith

French Line
S.S. "Paris"
New York - Havre - Paris

S.S. Leviathan
United States Lines

Bremen and Europa

Société Navale de L'Ouest

Southampton Docks

Southampton Docks

Sud - Atlantique
Bordeaux - Brésil - Plata

"To the Far East"
Canadian Pacific

Travel Canadian Pacific
poster by Peter Ewart

U.S.A. - Europe
Cunard White Star

United States Lines
"To Europe the American Way"

United States Lines
Fastest To And From All Europe

Visit America
Cunard White Star

Welcome on Board
Swedish American Line
poster by Feder

White Star Line LMS
poster by Norman Wilkinson

White Star Line
via Southern Railway

White Star Line
Services to All Parts of the World
published by L & NWR Railway

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