Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Powell Survey - part 2

John Wesley Powell

This is part 2 of a 2-part post showing archive photographs from John Wesley Powell's geographical Surveys undertaken between 1871 and 1878, one of which the artist Thomas Moran went on (in 1873), and found much inspiration for his work (see part 1 for details)

Grand Canyon

Green River Station, Wyoming

Green River, Beehive Point

Green River, Flaming Gorge, Wyoming

Green River, Labyrinth Canyon. On the dividing ridge at Bowknot Bend, looking up ( left ) and down ( right ) the river. 6 miles from one point to the other

Green River, Wyoming, Canyon of Lodore

Green River. Ashley Falls, looking up

Hand Rock, De Chelly Canyon, Apache County, Arizona

Marble Pinnacle, Kenab Canyon, Grand Canyon of the Colorado River

Monroe Canyon, Utah

Monument Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

Monument in Canyon De Chelly, Arizona. Apache County

Mt. Trumbell region, Arizona. The Innupin Picavu Witch's Waterpocket

Navajo Church near Fort Wingate, McKinley County, New Mexico

Near Foot of Toroweap, looking east at Grand Canyon

Old Time rocks. Tantalus Creek, Aquarius Plateau, Wayne County, Utah

On Boulder Creek, Aquarius, Plateau, Garfield County, Utah

Red Canyon, Green River-Ashley Falls from above, Utah

Reflected tower, Rio Virgin, Utah. "Angels Landing"

Rio Virgin, Utah

Santa Fe Railroad bridge over Canyon Diablo, Arizona, showing train and signs of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Santa Fe Railroad bridge over Canyon Diablo, Arizona

Steep-dipping bed at northwestern end of Zuni Uplift from west of Fort Wingate, New Mexico

The heart of Lodore, Green River-F.S

Yampa River

Zion National Park. The Three Patriarchs on the West side of Zion Canyon

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