Monday, 6 January 2014

Dutch Tobacco Posters - part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on Dutch Tobacco Posters. For earlier posters, see part 1 also.

1950-75 Miss Blanche is the best 2 1/2 Cent Cigarette

1950-75 Pipe Smoking ... Men's Work!

1950-75 Van Nelle's Half Shag Tobacco

1950-75 Van Nelle's Half Shag Tobacco

Willem II Cigars

1951 Sports Cigarettes
The Champion of Cigarettes!

Light up Sterling

Boston Cigarettes

1951-52 This Pack is Your Shag

1952-53 Jester Never Smoked Finer!

Always Perfect

Parade Virginia
Always Perfect

D. E. is The Shag

D. E. is The Shag

1954 Hudson 
Exceptionally Good

1954 Old Mac Cigarettes

1954 Rise to Sterling

1954-55 D. E. is The shag!

Everest Ever-Best
The Long American

1960-70 Carlton Hofnar Rigoletto Cigars

1960-70 Roxy American Cigarettes
Yes Please!

1960-70 Velasques Alcazar 30 Cent Cigars

1965 Lucky Strike Cigarettes

Velasques Alcazar Cigars - A Festive Gift

1966 Lucky Strike

1966-67 Large in Size, Taste, Aroma
Arsenal Cigarettes

1967 North State Cigarettes

1967- 68 Agio
A Tasty Cigar

1968-69 Mascotte 3 x Better Cigarette Papers

1970 Lucky Strike Cigarettes

1982 Philip Morris Super Lights Cigarettes

1987 North State Filter Cigarettes

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