Friday 3 January 2014

Dutch Tobacco Posters - part 1

Before the full health implications of smoking became generally accepted, smoking had been promoted as being glamorous, manly, and even making you more attractive to the opposite sex. These Dutch posters dating from as early as 1895 to 1987 are consigned to history but the graphic design and illustration remain interesting even if they are now historical documents.

This is part 1 of a 2-part post on Dutch Tobacco Posters:

1895 Cigarettes Turques Stamboul

1900-25 Chief Whip Cigarettes

1900-25 Dolly Shag Tobacco

1900-25 Karel I Cigars

1900-25 Kaster's cigarettes

1900-25 Koninklijke Trio Cigars

1900-25 Nicolas Soussa Frères

1900-25 Oldenkott's Tobacco

1900-25 W.G. Boele, Senior Cigars

1900-25 Sportsman Cigarettes

1900-25 For a Box of Philips cigarettes 'n Spijker 6 cylinder

1900-25 These Days We Smoke Ploos van Amstel Tobacco

1905 Van Nelle's Shag Tobacco "The Rising Hoop"

1910 Splendo Cigarettes The Darling of the Public

1925-35 Jordaens 6 Cents Cigars

1925-50 Ak - Hissar 100% Aroma

1928 Fatima Cigarettes

1939 Van Nelle's Light Virginia Tobacco 12 cents per Half Ounce

1939 Van Nelle's Shag Tobacco 12 Cents per Half Ounce

1950 Mister X 75 Cents The Big Unknown!

1950-51 Hunter Cigarettes

D. E. is The Shag!

1950-60 Hunter Cigarettes

1950-60 Roll Them Yourself... American Star 
The Real American Cigarette Tobacco

Mascotte 3 x Better 

1950-75 Coopvaert Tobacco

1950-75 Coopvaert Tobacco

The American Shag! Winner-Shag

1950-75 Coopvaert Tobacco

1950-75 Coopvaert Tobacco

1950-75 Douwe Egberts Orcam Shag Tobacco

1950-75 Gauloises Cigarettes

1950-75 Gold Star American Cigarettes

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  1. The "1950-75 Coopvaert Tobacco" advert clearly reminds me of Magritte. :P

    Probably because of the 3D effect of the pipe and the smoke against the wallpaper.


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