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Albert Anker - part 2

1891 Self-Portrait
watercolour 16.3 x 12.7 cm

Albert Anker (1831–1910) is regarded as the “national painter” of Switzerland. His meticulous paintings of Swiss rural life endeared him to the public and during his heyday, he was regarded as the most popular artist. His works captured the daily and social life of the rustics in the picturesque villages of Switzerland. While these captured the imagination of the public, his portraits charmed the critics. Indeed, his portraits and still-lifes are what cemented his enduring legacy. Unlike many of his contemporaries, his documentation of the social life of villagers was never judgmental. Rather he portrayed them as plain and unpretentious. Anker also worked on many still-lives, which are considered to be among his most important works.

For earlier works and a fuller biography see part 1 also.
This is part 2 of a 5-part post on the works of Albert Anker:

1875 Writing Boy with Little Sister
45 x 58 cm Private Collection

1875 Young Mother
oil on panel 36.7 x 46.7 cm

1875c Schoolboy
oil on canvas 51 x 45 cm
Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland

1876 The Country's Orphans
oil on canvas 43.7 x 175 cm
Musée d'art et d'histoire, Neuchatel, Switzerland

1876 The Public Notary
oil on canvas 58.4 x 48.6 cm
Museums Sheffield, UK

1877 Still Life: Coffee
oil on canvas
Private Collection

1879 Children's Breakfast
oil on canvas 81 x 65 cm
Kunstmuseum Basel, Switzerland

1879 Girl Playing at the Stove
oil on canvas 42.4 x 55.6 cm
© Kunstmuseum Lucerne, Switzerland

1879 Gym Class in Ins
oil on canvas 96 x 14.5 cm
Private Collection

1880 Portrait of a Boy
oil on canvas 43 x 37 cm
Private Collection

1880 Sierre
watercolour and pencil on paper 17 x 13.5 cm
Private Collection

1880 The Sons of Chrétien, Paris
oil on canvas 90 x 62 cm
Private Collection

1881 Farmer Reading a Newspaper
pen and ink and brush on paper 23.6 x 30 cm
Private Collection

1881 Knitting Girl
charcoal 55 x 42 cm
Private Collection

1881 Schoolboy
oil on canvas 56 x 42.5 cm
Oskar Reinhart Collection, Winterthur, Switzerland

1881 The Artist's Daughter, Marie Anker
oil on canvas 81 x 65 cm
Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland

1882 Girl Reading

1882 Still LIfe with Coffee

1883 Boy Writing
oil on canvas 59 x 42.5 cm
Private Collection

1883 Common Work
oil on canvas 86 x 55.5 cm
Private Collection

1883 Little Red Riding Hood
oil on canvas 

1883 Parlour with Green Stove
watercolour and pencil on paper 11.7 x 20.3 cm
Private Collection

1883 Rosa and Bertha Gugger
oil on canvas

1883-84 Woman with Laurel Wreath
watercolour 27 x 18 cm
© Kunstmuseum Lucerne, Switzerland

1883-84 Young Girl Knitting
oil on canvas 22.2 x 17.1 cm
Private Collection

1884 A Gotthelf Reader
( reference to Swiss novelist Jeremias Gotthelf )
oil on canvas

1884 Grandfather Telling a Story
oil on canvas 74 x 109 cm
Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland

1884 The Strawberry Girl
Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne, Switzerland

1885 Girl Knitting by a Window
watercolour 66 x 51 cm
Private Collection

1885 Knitting Girl Watching a Toddler in a Cradle
oil on canvas 24 x 70 cm
Private Collection

1885 Portrait of a Girl
oil on canvas 36 x 32 cm
Private Collection

1885c Old Age
oil on canvas 83 x 65 cm
Private Collection

1886 Girl Reading ( Cécile Anker, the artist's daughter, aged 12 )
brush and pen in blue faience colour
Private Collection

1886 Old Man with Coffee Grinder
oil on canvas 76.5 x 60 cm
Private Collection

1886 The Little Potato Peeler
Private Collection

1886c Girl with a Red Hood
38.5 x 32 cm
Private Collection

1886c Le Bon Vivant ( Inser Farmer )
Kunstmuseum, Lucerne, Switzerland

1886c Portrait of a Farmer with Hat
watercolour 27 x 21 cm
Private Collection

1887 Girl Braiding Her Hair
oil on canvas 70.5 x 54 cm
Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland

1887 The Civil Wedding
oil on canvas 76.5 x 126 cm
Kunsthaus, Zurich,Switzerland

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