Wednesday 9 June 2010

Beach Luggers

For a number of years now I have been going down to Hastings in Sussex and photographing 'abstract' details of the fishing boats known as Beach Luggers; so called because they are literally drawn up onto the shingle beach each day by cable and pushed back into the sea by tractor.

The images I produce remind me of abstract expressionist paintings of the 1950's, particularly what became known as 'Colour Field' work by American painters such as Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman. Here are some of my photos of beach luggers interspersed with examples of the paintings.

A painting by Barnett Newman:

Beach Lugger:

A painting by Mark Rothko:

Beach Luggers:

Another painting by Mark Rothko:

Beach Luggers:

A painting by a contemporary 'colour field' painter Sean Scully
(I'll post a blog on Scully's work soon).

Beach Lugger:

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  1. The catalogue for your Kirala exhibit came yesterday. It's beautiful. Although I'm away from July 1 - August 31, I hope to squeeze in a visit. I'd love to see them in person!


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