Friday 26 November 2010

Wayne Thiebaud (cityscapes)

In the last of three postings on the paintings of Wayne Thiebaud (cakes, landscapes, and cityscapes) I'm taking a look at some of his cityscapes. Based on San Francisco with its dramatic hills where the roads rise and fall quite precipitously in places, they're a fanciful and exaggerated version of the reality.

For biographical information on Thiebaud see my two previous posts.


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  2. I have dreamed of seeing a Thiebaud work in person for years, but the opportunity always eludes me. Every time I visit California, the exhibit is closed or ended. Living in NE Oklahoma, I have discovered that there is a museum in Arkansas just a couple of hours away that has Thiebaud's Supine Woman... now I just need to make sure it's on display before we make the daytrip. I would love love love to see one of his cityscapes in person. I wish I could find prints of them. Thanks for sharing these.


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