Tuesday 22 February 2011

Photo Essay - San Francisco

I'm squeezing in a small photographic essay featuring a random selection of my own photos of San Francisco. Several visits have confirmed San Francisco as one of my favourite cities, if not the favourite. The topography, the architecture, the Bay, and of course the fantastic light make it unique.

I particularly like the North Beach area and it's association with the Beat Generation. I've browsed in Lawrence Ferlighetti's City Lights Bookstore, sat at Jack Kerouac's table in the wonderful Vesuvio's bar next door, and had coffee sitting next to the stove in Caffe Trieste where Allen Ginsberg held meetings and readings. William Makepeace Thackery who wrote Vanity Fair lived in the town I'm now living in, but frankly I prefer On the Road.

Posting some more abstract expressionism tomorrow.


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