Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pierre Bonnard - part 2

c1889 Self-portrait

This is part two of a four-part post on the works of French artist Pierre Bonnard. For earlier works and biographical notes see part one below. Parts three and four will feature lithographs and the commercial works by Bonnard respectively.

c1921-3 Young Woman in the Garden

c1922-30 Standing Nude

1923 In front of the Window at Le Grand-Lemps

1923 Nude Bending Down

1924 Before Dinner

c1924 Nude, Yellow Background

1925 Nude in the Bath

1925 The Bath

1925 The Table

1925 The Window

1930 Bouquet

1930 The Provençal Jug

c1930 The Seine at Vernonnet

1932 La Toilette

1934-5 Dining Room on the Garden

1934-5 Table in front of the Window

c1936-8 The Yellow Boat

1939 Horse-hair Glove

1939 The Chequered Tablecloth

1939 The Terrace at Vernonnet

1940 Basket of Fruit, Oranges and Persimmons

1940 Nude Crouching in the Bath 

1940 The Dessert

1940 The Full-length Mirror

1946 Female Nude in Bathtub

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