Tuesday, 4 October 2011

André Derain - part 2

Portrait of André Derain by Henri Matisse 1906

This is part two of a two-part post on French artist André Derain. For part one and biographical notes on Derain, see below. Part one covers the years 1904 - 1906. Part two covers 1907 - 1948.

1907 Bathers

1907 Road in the Mountains

c1908-9 Forest at Martigues

1908c Landscape in Provence

c1911-14 Portrait of a Man with a Newspaper

1912 Still Life

1912 The Grove

1912 Trees on the Bank of the Seine

1913 Martigues

1913 Portrait of a Girl in Black

c1919-20 Madame Derain in a White Shawl

1922 Landscape near Barbizon

1924 Harlequin and Pierrot

1925 Young Girl

1926 Landscape

c1931 Melon, Flask, Knife and Bread on a Napkin 

c1934-9 Woman with a Hat

1936 Vase of Flowers

1939 The Painter and his Family

c1942 Vue de Donnemarie en Montois 

c1948-50 Nature Morte aux Poissons 

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