Friday, 21 October 2011

Egon Schiele - part 3

1917 Self-portrait

This is part three of a three-part post on the works of Austrian artist Egon Schiele. For biographical notes see part one. For earlier works see also parts one and two.

1915 Death and the Maiden 
oil on canvas

1915 Edith Schiele, Seated 
crayon, watercolour and gouache on paper

1915 Einzeine Hauser 
oil on canvas

1915 House on a River (aka Old House) 
oil on canvas

1915 Kneeling Female Nude, Back View 
pencil and gouache on paper

1915 Levitation 
oil on canvas

1915 Portrait of Edith Schiele in a Striped Dress 
oil on canvas

1916 The Mill 
oil on canvas

1917 Embrace (aka Lovers II) 
oil on canvas

1917 Female Nude Lying on Her Stomach 
black chalk and gouache on paper

1917 Four Trees 
oil on canvas

1917 Frau Schiele 
black crayon and gouache on paper

1917 House with Drying Laundry 
oil on canvas

1917 Mother with Two Children 
oil on canvas

1917 Portrait of the Actress Marga Boerner 
black crayon and gouache

1917 Reclining Female Nude 
charcoal, watercolour and gouache

1917 Summer Landscape, Krumau 
oil on canvas

1917 The Artist's Sister-in-Law in a Striped Dress, Seated 
pencil, watercolour and gouache

1918 Mountain Torrent 
oil on canvas

1918 The Family 
oil on canvas

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