Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thomas Hart Benton - part 2

1971 Self-Portrait 
lithograph 50 x 35cm

This is part two of a four-part post on the works of American 'Regionalist' painter Thomas Hart Benton. For biographical notes see part one. 

Note: Sizes where shown are rounded up or down to the nearest whole centimetre:

1939 Frisky Day

1939 Weighing Cotton 
tempera and oil on canvas 81 x 100 cm

c1939-41 Prodigal Son 
oil and tempera on panel 66 x 77 cm

1940 The Departure of the Joads 
tempera and oil

1940 The Hailstorm 
tempera on panel 83 x 101 cm

1941 Aaron 
tempera and oil on canvas 77 x 62 cm

1941 The Cotton Picker

1941 Threshing

1943 July Hay 
tempera, methyl cellulose and oil on masonite 96 x 68 cm

1943 The Wreck of the Ole '97 
tempera on masonite 71 x 112 cm

1944 Cut the Line

1945 Field Workers (Cotton Pickers) 
oil on canvas 22 x 34 cm

1945 Spring on the Missouri  
tempera and oil on masonite 77 x 102 cm

1947 Daily Yonder 
detail from 'Aschelons and Hercules'

1948 Poker Night (from “A Streetcar Named Desire”) 
tempera and oil on canvas 91 x 122 cm

1949 Portrait of a Musician 
casein, tempera and oil varnish on canvas

1951 Flood

1954 The Kentuckian

c1955-60 Sheepherder 
oil on canvas 122 x 168 cm

1964 The Twist

1964-5 Trail Riders 
oil on canvas 143 x 188 cm

1967 Wheat 
oil on wood 51 x 53 cm

1973 Jon Boat 
tempera and acrylic on board 31 x 91 cm

The Sources of Country Music


  1. Benton lives on in Martha's Vineyard where he lived for a while and where i have a home. His work is still available to be bought -- for quite a price - at The Granary Gallery there, a place I often go just to browse, so i have a chance to see some of his work in the flesh on a regular basis. It's so wonderful. There's always so much movement. Great to see it all here.


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