Thursday, 1 December 2011

Félix Vallotton - part 2

1891 Self-portrait 
oil on canvas

This is part 2 of a five-part post on the works of Swiss-born artist Félix Vallotton (1865 – 1925), a painter and printmaker associated with Les Nabis. For biographical notes on Vallotton see part 1.

1900 Autumn Crocuses

1900 Cloud in Romanel 
oil on cardboard

1900 Dinner by Lamplight

1900 Nude at the Stove

1900 The Laundress, Blue Room 
oil on paper

1900 Woman Reading to a Little Girl

1901 The Pont Neuf

1901 The Port of Marseille

1902 Gossip

1904 Interior with Woman in Pink

1904 Interior, Vestibule by Lamplight

1904 Lady at the Piano

1907 Three Women and a Little Girl Playing in the Water

1908 Woman with Black Hat

1909 At the Café

1909 Box Seats at the Theatre

1909 Villa Beaulieu, Honfleur

1910 Sunset, Orange Sky 
oil on canvas

1911 Seated Black Woman

1913 The Rising Tide

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