Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Penguin Book covers – part 2

This is part 2 of a 2-part post on paperback-book designs from Penguin Books. For background information on Penguin and for more covers see part 1 below. Over the years covers have been undertaken by many famous artists and designers - see Ben Shan, Eduardo Paolozzi, Paul Hogarth, and Milton Glaser (originator of the 'I (heart) NY' logo). Where known, I have shown the date of publication and name of the designer/illustrator:

1970 Tony Meeuwissen

1971 Donna Brown

1971 Milton Glaser

1971 Minale / Tattersfield / Provinciali

1971 Omnific

1972 David Pelham

1973 (unknown)

1973 Tony Meeuwissen
The above design is a clever take on the iconic design of the British cigarette packet for "Wild Woodbine":

1974 David Pelham

1976 Tony Meeuwissen

1977 Ben Shahn

1977 John Carrod (and Harry Beck, designer of the original tube map)

1978 Paul Hogarth

1983 Carroll and Dempsey

1999 Pentagram

2008 (unknown)

2008 (unknown)

2008 (unknown)






  1. all brilliant, but i feel the one misstep is catcher in the rye. that may be an english take on it. but beautiful stuff and selection.

    thank you...

  2. Hi, The Heart of Darkness cover is from the re-package of the Penguin Classics around 2000, where they were standardized to have the consistent silver stripe and identical font. This one was published 2000, with a cover photo by Marc Atkins/Panoptika. You can see this one and others in the series at http://www.flickr.com/photos/56781833@N06/6229229944/.
    Great selection though, and good to have the designers credited.


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